Bright New Beginnings ~

2017 ~ The Biggest Teacher Year .

Total Shift ~

Everything That Permeates To Being In A Triangle Situation Is Now Officially Over.

The Truth Is (Almost) All Out ~

I Did Do Everything That Was Guided To Me. Moment To Moment. Consciously. I Stayed Highly Aware All Year And Took My Courage In My Two Hands.

I Put My Money Where My Heart Is At.

I Did Experience A Lot Of Failure. Every-time I Got Up, I Got Up Stronger.

I Did Make Rash Decisions This Life-Time.

Certainly Said Mean Things About Myself For Having Been Trained To Do So Right As I Landed In USA .. Habit Which Can Be Empowering In Certain Situations.

Definitely Not At All Time.


The Last Word Hasn’t Been Said Yet ~ The Final Victory Not Reached Yet.

Patience Is My Best Ally.

Truth Is My Identity.

Love Is My Greatest Weapon.

My Vulnerability Is My Invincibility.

My Faith Is My Confidence.

I Am My Own Greatest Victory!


Everything That Was Left Unsaid Can Now Go To Sleep. All The Dark Corridors Hiding Secrets Can Now Vanish Forever More. Leaving Place For The Trusted And The True.

All Attachments To Specific Outcomes Have Been Released To Make Space For The One, The Only, Authentic Divine Plan And Divine Victory!

Lovers Card Coming Out ALL DAY TODAY!

Woooohooooo !