On Narcissism ~

Greetings !

I Have Been Bombarded Lately With All Sorts Of Youtube Videos About Narcissistic Abuse ; Here Is My Experience With Potentially, The Biggest Narc In Creation ;

It Started Off As Me Being The “New Supply” . I Had No Idea This Was Real ; Being With A Narcissist That Seemed Like American Psycho, Was Something Out OF A Hollywood Movie Scene For Simple Me.

It Began With Them, On The First Night, Telling Me All About The Evil Woman That Just Destroyed Their Life Completely And Left Them At The Alter. And Also With Them Telling Me How All The Island Dislikes Them And Judges Them (Which Made Me Want To Look Out For Them All The Way, And Give Them My All). Finally Telling Me That The Being That Was My Roommate At The Time Is Evil And I Shouldn’t Trust Being Around Them.

This Directly Put Me In A Divination Mode (Which Is The Main Way Masculines Have Reeled ME In So Far). That Being Became My WHOLE LIFE . I Was Going Against Myself, Breaking All Odds, Having Him Visit Me At My New Million Dollar Residence After I Got Super Lucky That Day After Leaving The Toxic Roommate The Narc Had Me Leave ;

Fantastic ..

The Narc At That Point Without Telling Me, Reintroduced The Oh So Evil Former Fiancee Behind The Scenes And Started To Incubus Us And Play All Sorts OF CRAZY Games On Both Of Us Involving The Cops And His Family.

She Became NUTS And Threatened To Kill Herself.

I, Being The New Supply, And Even Though I Was Warned That That Being Was Married Once Before Official, Another Time On a Cruise Ship, And An Almost Third Time, And Having Promised Me A Child And A Happy Ever After Right Then And There, Teaching Me Ways Of (5:55) Never Believing Anyone Outside Myself When It Came To Him …

I Kept Fighting My Hardest For Him. Gave Him All The Transmissions for Super-Consciousness. They Improved A Lot; We Went On Master Cleanses Together And Then I Started Them Off On Organic Raw Healthy Eating And Shifted Their Whole Lives Upside Down. It Wasn’t Long Before We Both Moved Into A Three Bed-Room River Home With A Huge Yard And All His Gadgets From Motorcycle To Boat To All The Good Things A Super Narc Southern-Belle Boy Must Maintain To Keep Up The “All-American-Boy” Status ….

There Started To Be More Than Just The Two Of Us As His Powers Were Being Surely But Strongly Restored While They Tapped Deep Into Everything I Had To Offer, Going All The Way To Acing A Visit To The Whole Of The Middle East And Using My Father’s Contacts And Facilitation To Make The Narc’s Dream Of True Love Come True…. Which Consisted Of Simply Visiting The Middle East With The Hottest Exotic Island Girl.

Being Transgender Myself, I Can Completely Understand The Narcissistic Men. And The Hollowness They Feel.

The Truth Is, Hilton Head Island Is A Main Hub For Narcissism. Without A Doubt, Most Beings If Not All That Are Here Are SUPER NARCS, Feeding Off Of Narcs, Or Trying Their Best To Be One. There Is Nothing Else Over Here.

Or Maybe It Was My Karmic Lesson This Life-Time To Take On All The Narcissists And Shift Them. www.Lovedima.com Which Surely Might As Well Be The Poster-Child Website Name For I AM SUPER NARC  ~ !

I did It All To Mirror Mother America, And All Her People, In How They Think Of Themselves As The Only Ones On Earth.

So I’m Like .. Really?? hahahahaha WATCH THIS …..

I’mma Rule This Mother … I’m It . I Was BORN FOR THIS .

Question Remains …. Now That I’ve Out-Narced All Narcs … Who Is Narc Enuf For Me …. HAHAHAHA

Once The Biggest Narc On Earth Approaches Me It’s Done. The Curse Is Melted From Creation. I Will Melt His Narc Heart And Remove All His Inner Wax With My Flame. This Is A Certain Victory.

Why My Twin Flame Is A Runner ? He Is TERRIFIED Of MY Flame. He’s Never Seen Anything Like This Before …..

To The Rest Of The Collective : No Need For Fear ; Also To All Divine Fems Whose Partners Are All Of A Sudden Now Getting Their 6th Round Of Marriage Counseling With Their Dysfunctional Marriage Situation .. Have You Asked Yourself Yet What In You Is Causing This ?! You Gotta Choose Modern American Fems … Power OR Love !

Ya Can’t Be All Power Hungry For More And Wonder Why Your Love Sector Is Dying ….. Simple As That . It’s You Sending Him Off To Marriage Counseling. Cos You Are Putting All Your Energy Elsewhere! Truth Be Told!

As For Me .. I’m On Day God Knows What Day Of Isolation And Floor Sleeping, Liquids And Final Detox! So Super Worth It Especially When Being True To Oneself And Saying NO To Anything Which No Longer Resonates!