New Gov! We Are The New World Order ~~~ Take Dis ….. <<

Oh How Wonderful ! Christmas Bike Rides On Island Time . Island Air . Welcoming All Visitors From All Ovah ! Today We Made An Alliance With Toronto ! In A Nanosecond We Downloaded All Their Dailies Daisies . And Upgraded Them To New World Gov > Unity Consciousness.

Like For Instance The Whole “Cultural Eating” Is Out OF Creation … The Whole TDF Is Replaced By TLF … Schools Are All Crystal Schools ..

Not So Sure What Is Taking So Long … In My Country They Would Say : “She  Grew Hair On Her Tongue Repeating Herself … “

And Humanity Still Has A Mind . And is Thinking Thoughts. While I’m Literally Sleeping On My Yoga Mat …. What Do You Want To Watch Me Do ?? LOL .  Take A Plane? Book A Hotel ?

Death Business Empowering … NONONO Monkeys.

Father OF All Creation Is Stepping Up For Xmas .

Bring Him On Angeles ~
Sure there Are Candidates . Who Cares At This Point. Whoever’s Clear Enough To Be Avail And Of Service! And Claro That He Has Also Been In Service As FOAC At Shasta Lemurian Quarters . I Am Here To Unite Heaven And Earth YO YO YO ~ HO HO HO !