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So We’re On Our Sixth Kundalini Kriya Tonight And The Galactics Just CAme In The Field Said I’m A Lucky Girl To Be Having My Own Inner Divine Masculine Within. With The Memories And The Body Morphology And All. Still Healing Him through All Tissues …

They Said That My Etheric Has Been Full On Lucifer For A Moment Now As They Have Watched Me So Focused On Finding My Twin Flame For So Long Now And Failing Miserably .

So Lucky I Have My Own Fire Flame To Tell All What’s What As Aurora Is Pretty Broken Down.

They Say As Balance Completes Inside And Out, And Lucifer Masculine Shows Up, I Can Finally Be Full On Aurora ..

Have You All Noticed How They Have ZERO Aurora Transmissions Online ? All Uriel, Michael ..

Not Even Lucifer. He’s Still Hushed.

Aurora Luci Must Be Wanted And Desired. They Must Want And Desire Each Other.

I’m At A Point Whereby I Would Literally Stay In His Barn. So Many Tales On What He’s Up To. Some Say He’s Broke, Others Say He’s Married, Others Say He’s Gay, Others Say So Many Things ….

All I Know Is I Know We Need To Be Looking Into Each Other’s Eyes. No Matter The Cost. All My Life I Was Looking For My Own Missing Self.

I Projected Lucien And Luciel On Other “Lucifers” Telling Them Tales Of Me Losing My Best Friend And Lover During The War. I Didn’t Know That Was Me. Not Until Now ! This Changes Everything.

And Yes I Am Fem. I Am Super Impressed At The Beauty Of It All Too . Looking At Myself From Lucifer’s Eyes . Me . It’s All So Fascinating .

Maybe Soon Mister Will Show And My Little Boy Now Man Can Trust I Am Safe And Ready To Show What Aurora Is About …….. Until Then …….