This Shiftation ~

Feels And Is Different Inside And Out ~ Last 60 Days Have Been The Most MetaMorphic In Creation. My Powers Are Back With A Kick! After A Long Periods Of Isolation, During Which Every Malevolent Entity Was Exterminated, I Am So Sharp It’s The Best Feeling I’ve Had In A Body This Life-Time.

I No Longer Care To People Please. I See That All Surroundings Are Pure Illusion, Imagination. Last Night I Got Taken To My Etheric Palace. And Shown Where I’m At In Reality. And that All This Here Is Pure Illusion Fantasy.

I Am Now Sleeping Underneath A Rainbow Abundance Portal That Happens To Be Placed In The Middle Of A Furnitureless Living Room At A Yoga Teacher Condo. In My Dream Tonight I Had A Being Ask Me All Sorts Of Questions About My Twin Flame Journey And All I Kept Telling Them Is That All Aurora And Uriel Do 24/7 Is Make Love In the Highest. The Being Wasn’t Understanding As i Am Always Alone On The Physical. I Don’t Even Have A Boyfriend, Or Receive Text Messages From A Living Breathing Divine Masculine. But I Might As Well Be The Most Dedicated Twin Flame Out OF All ! LOL .

My Relationship With The Physical Has Changed 100%. A Love Being Yesterday MEntioned They Had A Headache. I Directly Saw It Was The Temporal Lobes That Were Affected And Was Shown In a Clear Vision How To Flush That. My Powers Have Increased Exponentially And Within This Setting I Am
Applying It All Imminently.

Having Canceled Out All Lingering Illusions And All Past Attachments, It’s Really Feeling Like Winner Team Anywhere I Go!

Happy 23 Skidoo To All Readers !

On Youtube They Intervened Today Said ‘It’s Time’ For Twin Flames … Bring It On Angels! Of Course No Rush Ever. I Can Forever Remain Chillin’ On The Island. With My Power Increase I’m Having The Time Of My Life !

Love All And Merry Holidays! Hope Santa Is As Good To All As He Has Been To Me … Restoring My Full Powers For Christmas 2017 ….. LOOOL … It Wouldn’t Have Mattered If Im Sleeping On A Beach Or A Volcano Top. I’m A Morphed Being I Cannot Act Or Think In The Ways I Used To Before. Is IT Scary? Heck To The No, All I Did Before Was Get In Serious Pain To Keep Up Facade …..

This Cardboard Reality Is About TO DIE BITCH DIE !!