On Completions ~ Super Sun

So I Was Just Informed I Need To Evacuate This Infamous Mission-House Condo By Midnight Tonight. Wonderful News Indeed As Time For Celebrations And Getting Together Is Upon Us Especially Now That Mercury Has Gone Forward!

As Always, And At The 13th Hour Is When All The Magic Happens .. I Will Be Spending My Night Tonight On My Yoga Mat Most Probably, In A Space Where I Usually Connect Via A Rainbow Portal Exit That Is Built There By Myself On 8/8/2017, That Firstly Took Me To Tennessee Mid August After My First Failed Attempt Of Getting There Beginning June .., To My Next Location!

Wooohoooo To The Speedy Gonzales Energies All Around! Time For Hermitage And Isolation Finally Over; This Time As I Am Out OF The Yoga World Altogether, Doesn’t Seem Like I Will Need 15 Days Of Practice Before Knowing Where I Am Launching Off Next .

So For All We Know Tonight … I Might Be Taking A Plane OR Bus Somewhere Over The Rainbow, By 23 ^ Skidoo ! Wooohooo ~ Hearts Uniting In Love And Light !

And Provided HHI Is The Place To Be For This Christ Conscious Rebirth Global, I Trust That By Morning I Will Feel Decisive Enough To Manifest Whatever Needed ; Possibly As Simply As An “I Love You” From My Twin Flame LOL ~ And A Direction Then And There !

GodBless & God-Speed ~ Oh What Fun ! Hardest Part Is Over Say The Angels ……

In Love And Gratitude Always !