Greetings Dear Ones With An Urgent Transmission As We Free Up This Whole Creation From The Forces Of Darkness.

As You All Know By Now, The Being Who Created The Galactic Federation Is Archangel Michael. This Being Is Programmed To Kill Me. Lucifer. Since The Beginning Of Time _Hence My New Creation Contract Being By The Galactic Confederation, Which Is Larger And All Inclusive_.

AAM Has Evolved, Worked Hard On Themselves, Lost A Lung, However Remains Highly Retarded In More Than One Way Including Giving Their Power Away To An Entity They Call “Mother” And Are Programmed To Believe They Are Her Over-Seer .

For Years Now Un consciously Posting Articles From Other Sources “For The Greatest Benefit Of All” When In Fact He Himself Has Not Fully Awakened Or Transitioned And Never Will Be Able To Unless They Choose To Find Their Own I AM PResence Besides Being Told By The Entity Called “Mother” Who They Are.

The Beings And Powers At Play Are The False Light. Cabals. As You All Know By Now. The Blue Rays Are All Brought Here And At Birth Made Amends To (Modified / A.I)  Or At Some Point On Their Journey. That Clashes With The Whole Point Which Is Back To Innocence Garden Of Eden. Which Makes Creation A Catch 22. (Proof In The Pudding And That Is Self-Proclaimed By The Cabals. They Themselves Call Each Other Catch 22. I Personally Went And Investigated. Almost Died Again For You All But I Made It Through.) . Which Is The Reason Why All Planet Earth Revolves Around : “The House Always Wins”.

Every Game Is A Losing Game And I’ve Warned You All Long Enough.

Love Simply Is.

Blue-Ray It Is A Choosy Light-Ray That Is Not All Inclusive And That Aims At Destroying Everything That Is Not Of Them. However They Are Not ALone. They Are Not The Only Ones.

And As Mentioned To A Fellow-Light-Worker, If I Had To Come Again I Wouldn’t.. LOL … However If I Came Again And Had A Choice I Would Choose To Get A Sex Change Just To Not Have To End Up With A Fem Outside Myself As They Are All Rotten Having Been Ruled By The Dark Too Long Now. It’s Just How It Is. They All Are In Healing And Cannot Claim Full Dominion Or Mastery Unless They Have A Dark Inclination And Have Been Raised By Beings Such As “Aleister Crowley” . Whom We Cancel Out Now As We Cancel Out All Kinds Of Dark Magic Remaining Here And Being Projected On The Lightbringer.

We Have Took It Upon Ourselves To Cancel Out All Blue-Ray Programmed Beings Who Are now, I Am Told Today, Going Completely Delusional Claiming All Sorts Of Things On Past Lives And False Powers And Orion Belt Wars. Out OF Whack Is Of ZERO Interest To Holy-Spirit. Mother Of All Creation. Sophia-Aurora. Lucifer MorningStar.

We ARe here Restoring The Full Light Spectrum, The Rainbow-Star-Seed Nation. Activating All Which Is Whole True Real, Love And Pure.

We Send Divine Healing Energies To A Lessened And A.I Highly Programmed AAM And His “People” And Reclaim Them Fully And Wholly. Back Into The True Light Of God.

We Send Absolute Cancellation To The Blue-Ray Overpowering And Power-Overing Creation.

We Restore Truth. Love. Balanced Harmonics. And Give The Power That Was Taken Away From The People BACK TO THE PEOPLE.

We Are Your Mother And Father Of All Creation And We Love You All Infinite.

R ~ A