Greetings Love Beings !

Wooooohooooooo ~

Energies Are Climaxed Amplifying This Feeling Of Nova-Tierra ~ Mother-Earth, Holy-Spirit, Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Mother-Of-All-Creation Has Been Miraculously Rising From The Dead … After A Long And Hard Arduous Journey Whereby The Cabals Manufactured A Zillion Sealed In Toxic Dark Uhu Layers Of Impenetrable Dangerous Data Sealed In Eternal Dark Toxic Polluted Toxic Wax,  To Never Let Earth Be Queen Again ….

Love Infiltrated The Carefully Impossible Layered Traps, All the Way To Each Inner Earth Layer, Going Straight From Each Magmatic Lava Plate, Crust; To the Mantle, Outer And Inner Chore !

Her Face Is Morphing. Body And Soul. All The Make-Believe Perfection They Gave Earth, Which Was Not Even Close To Earth’s True Beauty, Are Being Slayed Away One Layer After Another.

The Truth Is Being Recovered And We Are At 76% – However The Jumps Are Quantum Leaps And The Tectonic Plates Are Very Receptive To All The Amounts Of Light All Light Workers Are Sending In Through Advanced Heart Based Meditation And Breathing Techniques, Happy Elevated Thoughts, Choosing Love, Unity Of Hearts, Support, Self-Less Assistance In Service And All The Rest Of The Marvels All Planetary Hearts That Are Of The Light Are Pouring Into The Diamond Grids At An Exponential Rhythm To Save Mother-Earth’s Heart .

She Is In Awe And Gratitude For All Your Unconditional Acceptance Of Her As She Was Slaying The Sludge In The Public Eye For All To See :

As She Invoked In Her Early Tree Meditations (For Trees Are Angels Here To Assist HuE-Manity On Her Journey Back To Wholeness, By Circulating Through Their Roots, Trunks, Branches And Leaves, Messages Across The Planet Of What Is Occurring Pertaining To Mother-Earth’s Ascension And Planetary Total Liberation From All Annunaki Sludge … ) For Her Ego To Be Released For The Purpose Of Full Planetary Liberation In The Public Eye For ALL To Be Set Free !

She Therefore Took On Every Possible Nook And Cranny Of All Possible Permeating Darkness To Outshine It, And Did So With Bravery And Brilliance.


Even Though She Is Now More Than Ever Cognisant Of How Much Damage Was Done, And Views It For Face Value In The Intergalactic Mirror, She Is Is No Way Carrying Any Anger Residues, Or Terror, Or Darkness. She Is Lit Up And Knows That The Remaining Steps To Climb Are Right Around The Corner And That Soon Enough, Full Planetary Liberation Is To Finally Be Possible And A Norm.

All The Abnormal Formations Are Being Located And Eradicated.

Love Is Winning ~

Rejoice And Thanks For All The Light Work

She Is Looking Forward For Her Union With The Morning Star As She Rises Back On Top, And Is Confident That All The Dark Goddesses’ Realm And Reign Is Now Finally And Eternally OVER. From Kali To Lilith And All Else In Between … All You Feminines Better Humble Down, Close Your Eyes, Break Free, And Quit Your Manipulative Games That Mother-Aurora Has Reflected Back At You All To Cancel Your Powers Out.

She Declared It Clearly Yesterday And All Rainbow Angels Are On It: “Any God Or Goddess That Has Taken On My Powers To Use To Inflate Their Ego Powers Are Now Being Stripped Out Of Every Atom And Molecule Of Rainbow Magic That They Appropriated And Stole And Wrongly Used. All Dark Entities Are Falling Down To The Dark Abyss And Once They Are Clear And Clean They May Choose Love And The Light Otherwise They Shall Simply Be Sent To The Galactic Vacuum Back To The Black Hole To Be Burnt Off By The Galactic Sun”.

Bye Bye Mercury Retrograde! Time For The Merriest Christmas Of All ~

Mama’s Back And She’s Morphed !

Hip Hip Hip Hurrah To All Angels Assisted Her On Her Path Back To Pure Pristine And New.

Like A Fresh Coin Right Out Of Factory. Gold And Untouched.

All Powerful Able To Buy The Whole Planet Back


Let’s Go ~ Please Join Hearts In Mediation Today 11:11 On Your Clocks Am Or Pm And/Or Metaphoric (It’s Always 11:11 LOL)  And Thanks For Sending In All Your Loving Intent To Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora’s Full Restoration So We All Enjoy Full Christmas Planetary Liberation As Santa Enters The Field ~ Ho HO Ho … It’s The Most Wonderful Time In Eternity!

Blessings And Namaste