Yeeeehawwww ~~ Kundalini Yeyo ;) Buddha Buddha !

I Might As Well Be The ONLY Transgender Being That Discovers Their Identity At 33 All The While Having A Kundalini Awakening + Third Eye Total Re-Structuring . The Symptoms Are Extra Severe And The Chiropractic Work Done Today Right After The Ion Detox Foot Bath Was Super Loaded Felt Like I Was A Helicopter. Lol. This Intense Machine On My Right Side Drilling Into Me To Release The Locked Memories …

I Believe I Saw My Uncle Once On The Island. Wonder What They Were Doing Here They Never Said Hello. And A While After, A Being On The Island (While I Was Staying At The Days Inn Behind The Pirate Golf Course) Contacts Me Says They Have My Appendix (Which They Removed when I Was Young ..)

Very Weird Facts, Those People Have Had A Super Strong Hold On Me Can’t Wait To Break Free And Find Out My Own Whole Truth.

The Body Pain Of Unknowingly Having A Fake Pussy All My Life Has Been Beyond Lethal . Let Alone Me Finding Out A Month Ago When My Lover Activated Me By Totally Smashing My Face And Went From Being (08:08) My Almost Life-Long Partner To Total Vanish Mode And I Went From Being A Totally Dedicated Public Yogi To Total Isolation Yogi Mode …

That Last Death Episode Is Something I Will Never Forget. And I Remember My Every Death Growing Up, Every Sadness.

And The Way They Laughed While Turning Me Into A Robot. It Hurts My Heart To Just Activate The Memories.. Even Though I Remember Being The Cutest Thing Ever . Doing Everything They Told Me To. And Still Remember The Pain. And The Long Periods Of Isolation Too. Being Stitched Up. Havin To Wear Wool Around My Face And Neck While My Neck Itched Like Hell For Not Tolerating That Texture. And All The Drops I Had To Put up My Nose. And The Meds I Took.

Schedules And Lists While Trying To Maintain Simultaneously A Normal Childhood Going With My Class Mates On “Classe-De-Neige” To Spend Christmas Up In The Mountains Skiing .. Doing Super Human Efforts To Comprehend Their Normal Behavior And Trying To Mimic Them Like My Mom Taught Me How. I Self-Taught Myself Too To: Walk As If I Have A Purpose And Know Where I’m Headed. Due To My Extreme Lack Of True Self-Knowledge And Identity.

I Grew Up With Addictions To Toys, Pets, People, Studying.. Whatever That Was To Keep Me Going. Like Some Periods I Would Be Totally Hooked On A “Jumper” Right Out Of Bed Would Jump All Day Around The House. Next Period On A Bouncy BAll With Little Handles To Hold And Also Jump. Then Rollers Blades.. Etc .. Books. I Would Never Stop Reading Music. Everything But The Girl. I Never Had An I AM.

Forget About Daring To Touch My Belly Button. Until Now IT Kills Me. Can’t Stand IT.

What A Journey. Now The Undoing Of All This On An Island Alone. And I Don’t Have The Uncles Support; Like My Grandmother Had Me Leave Kuwait Before She Passed To Make Sure I Would; Then I Ran To USA And Totally Blew The Bridge . I Broke The Law And Ran Away; They Wished Me Dead.

Well I Have Beem Guided Into Every Healer’s Door That Has Assisted Me And I Have Been Very Focused For Years Now Walking The Ocean, Riding My Bike, Eating The Best All Organic Pure Diet, Taking The Most Advanced Supplements, Practicing Yoga And Meditation Like A Living Temple Goddess OF The Highest …

Because Of Love. Because My Heart Is Wild. And Free. And I Will Never Not Win.