The New America <3

By Stating Out loud, Call In Archea Rainbow Aurora. Thank Her for Assisting You in Using her Pure Golden Rainbow Sword. Cut Chords with all of the illusion and all the drugs, all disease, all viruses, all illnesses, All GMO Foods, Atlantis Experimentation, delusions, Dysfunction, fantasies, belief systems, ego, programming, conditioning, Power Over, old thought patterns, old contracts, karma, fear, ALL Experiments, the old controllers to Whom We send lots of Love to, Now Reattach Energetic Chords To all which is whole, real, Pure, Grand, true, and abundant, the HigherSelf, Love Everywhere Present, Magical Synchronistic Events, Miracles, Real Telepathic Communication, Lemurian Energy, Power with, True Equality, New Paradigm of Higher Thoughts, Balanced Harmonics, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, The New Earth and The Holy Spirit, Mother Earth.

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Thanks For Stepping Up For Co-Creation Of NOVA-AURORA .