Special Request From Father Of All Creation ~

Greetings Milky Way Galaxy Aurora.

Our Ships Are Ready To Land. We Just Need To Make Sure All Is WEll And Safe .. Please Reveal To Aurora What The Plot Behind Oct 2017, As WEll As December 2016, Was. Thanks!

Booking Her Home At 24 Deallyon #1 hhi sc 29928 on her birthday, the 6th of october 2017, on her parents wedding day, oct 9th 2017, and on her mom’s birthday . oct 19 th. 2017 and on that last day having her Grand Ole Opry museum photographs disappear.

Who’s Behind Her Phone Line Monitoring, Arrest, And The Much More…

Thanks For Full Reveal As We All Must Move Forward.


who has been behind all the ….. kidnappings . Thefts. Terrorist Acts. Lies. Where Is My Passport ? It Was Supposed To Be Done By Christmas ….

Thanks For Issuing “Dima Tabrawi” As “Aurora Diamond Rainbow” For New Creation Ignition ~ Love You All

Thanks 😉

Where Is The Twin Flame Re-Union Location ?


What Is The Twin Flame Re-Union Date

Double LOL