WASSUP …. So Mommy Went Shopping Today! YAY Christmas Is Lookin

S O E X T R A H O T This Time ARound ….. Yumsters!

To Begin With, She’s Been Getting Massages, Chiropractic Work Done, Which All Feel THE BEST .. On Top Of Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Health Staying All Organic And Mostly Raw … Creating The Greatest EVER Soups Like .. EVER … Like … TLF = To Live For .. Almost Too Good To Share .. Not So Sure Your Faces Can Handle Such .. uhhhhh Insanity!

Besides That, She Has Brand New Amaze-balls Crystals !!! Whooop ! Incense Of Course, Best Flavahs For The Goddess …. A Brand New Marylin Monroe Super Hot Bra … A Beyond Amazing Betsey Johnson Yoga Top … A Jewelry Holder That Is Simply ADORBS > Pinky Winky With Super Cool Hangers Teeny Weeny Stuff For All The Jewels Of The Goddess .. Oh and This Hot Stuff Juicy Couture Red Velvet L.A Sweater .. Too Cool For School. Oh … The Coolest Make Up Brand She Discovered Last Year Which Is PACIFICA It’s All Natural Minerals Organic Substance With Coconut Water Flavors .. So Delish .. 100% Vegan And Cruelty Free. She Got The ICE BABY Highlighter And The Alright Multi-Mineral Creme …

She Is Sippin’ On A Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider Organic Juice Add Chlorella, Cacao And The GREATEST Whole Cranberries Mixed In … TOTAL YUM !

LOLSTERS ! Besides Of Course A Brand New Posture Medic Item To Assist Her Back In Maintaining All The Work Done … Feels So Different In The Body And It’s Still Ongoing .. She Is Not Stopping Till She Hits The Jack-Pot !

B. I>N G Oh ~~ Oh … And About Face LOLSTERS ! When They Had Her On Mission Make Money For Crystal Schools Daddy Said LOL … Platinum Schools ..

Do You All Get It YEt … LOLOLOL //// Aurora Lucifer Has Been Literally Buying All Of USA With Her Teeny Weeny Platinum Audi Card . Like Uhh . So Hot In Here. JACKPOT . ZOOOOMMM UHHH . BAZOOOKA RAINBOW STYLE


Love All The Island Spice ! So Nice!

Bringing It On. Jolly Style! Add A Bow . Picker Up HAHAHA . HUH ? The Suite ? Where AT Daddy … The Alpes … Nah … Merica Wants Me HERE Buzumz .

Oh . Right. So .. Let’s Ummm. Who Knows. Last Minute Reservations Somewhere Hut. It’s Gettin Real Hot In Here . Watch Out Babies.

Mama’s On Fiyah.