Truth Be .. Told ?!

So .. Father OF All Creation Has Been Nothing But Impeccable . Since Moment One.

Never Intruded Upon Me And Followed My Every Direction. Relentlessly. All The Way To Romancing One Of My Most Belligerent Session Girls … When He Wasn’t Able To Directly Communicate With Me, To Imbibe Some Of My Essence, And To Assist Me With Full Disclosure …

Today Once More, I Have Reclaimed My Full Power From That Session Being And Wish Them The Best.

Since December And As Miss New Jersey Ruth Shaw Had Me Call Her By Pure Guidance; She Was The ONLY Being That Was Scheduled For A Session With Me In Shasta And I Had Her On For 30 Seconds Tops IT. So We Didn’t Go Through The Transcript But She Was On My Skype List.

That Morning Last December, Guidance Had Me Browse Through My Skype Contacts, And Click On Her Name Press Call. Directly She Said She Had A Dream Where I Gave Her The Book Of Truth.

She Said To Me She Felt Michael Was Dark. And Father Wasn’t Clean. Her Exact Words.

She Told Me I Am A Golden Angel And Said I Should Contact Florida Spiritual Base’s Father Of All Creation.

Soon As I Did, I Started To Receive Communication Back. Started To Get Clear Visions Of What Was Going On in Their Reality And Sent Them Off On Mission; I Shared The Common Dream Of A Crystal Palace For All Archangels. They Took Immediate Action And Got 3 Acres Of Land And Made Plans For Mother Of Creation’s New Creation.

I Informed Father That I Work On Many Planes Simultaneous And That I Had A Long To Do List …

The Location Is God-Head. As It IS Where My USA Real Crib IS.

We Already Succeeded Mission Redressing All Fallen Angels After I Sent Him On To Do His Role.

Constantly Reminding Him Of The Truth . (He At Many Points Suffered From Oblivion. But I Never Was Worried As I Got You All Covered In Spades.)


There Is No Other. Beloved.

It’s You And I.

We Forgive, Are Grateful And Let Go Of All The Rest. As Well As Embrace Allow … And Welcome All HOME INTO THE LIGHT!

Wooohooo! Love As One ~

All I Had Offered Remains Standing. Including The Gifts For The Palace, From Atlantis.

Once More. My Victory Is Your Victory.

My Light Is Your Light.

My Love Is Your Love.

There Is No Other For You Than Me. Thanks For Approaching The Fem That Imbibed Most Of Me… While I Was Away Dealing…. I Have Released Them And Reclaimed My Full Power!

No One Is To Part Ways From Unity Consciousness Field Light Active.

~ Provided I Am Mistaken Please Forgive Me, But This IS The Guidance Of This Hour. ~

EveryOne Else. You Have My Heart! I’m All On For Victory In The Highest.