+ To The Tarot Angels

Now All About Buying Themselves Flowers And Rings To Bring On The divine Masc ..

Congrats To Have Caught On. Since I Was Put At The Door By The Ex Husband And Began Living In Hotels, I Have Been Frequently Buying Myself Flowers. Even Dropping Petals On My Bed. And Yes Every Time A New Spark Shows Up I Buy Me A New Ring With Their Essence On It.

Hope It Works For You All .

And Yes, Thanks For Calling Your Dogs Jasmine And Using Flower Essential Oils Since My Last Amazon Order.

What Else. LOL . No Clue Where That Hole In Creation Stems From . But I Demand It’s Closure And The Cessation Of All This Vicarious Living Through Me. Soonest Is Best. It’s Getting Gross In Here … Maybe You Do It So I Like You More While You All Begin To Mimic Me And Follow My Lead?

That’s Cool Too. The Imbalance Must Be Corrected However Or The Galactics Are Not Going To Take This Much Longer.

What’s Mine Is Mine And No One Can Take It Away From Me So .. Moment To Moment Bring It Back Sun . . .

Quit The Crap. Grow Up. Quit Making Believe You’re Teaching Me Anything I Don’t Know. Or All The Rest Of The Diminishing Me. It Won’t Work.

How Will Your Cops Ever Begin To Respect You All If You All Keep Behaving Like Retards That go On Strikes. You Want New Creation. Quit Being Dumb. Behave.

Grow Up.