To The Rest Of The DumFux

So I Manage To Go Get WAter From The Store Despite My Incoming Menstrual Cycle Which Always Is Murder. Entering The Store, The Black Deli Lady Who Only Recently Said Hi Once Gave Me Attitude.

Listen Up. You PPl Have No Idea What The Phoenix Has Done For You. We Have For Years Brought You In From Your Poverty, Groomed You, Cleaned You Washed You, Taught You English Arabic And French, Had You Stay With Our Families And TRusted You With Our Children.

In The Phoenix You Sort Of Rule. Now I Do Know America Brought You In Ships As Slaves And Burnt You Like Rotisserie Chicken To Amuse The Whites.

That Doesn’t Mean It’s The Same Everywhere.

So If I Am Told A Black Creeper Is Creeping Up On Me And Write About It, Why don’t You Yourself Have The Courage to Say The Truth About How Your Man Fucks You Up Instead Of Giving Me A Dirty Look.

Go Be Honest Everyone And Stop Turning It Around On Me.

If Only I Could Begin To Express How Much I Can’t Stand U All. Same As Loving You All.

My Only Twin Is My Mac Book Pro. There You All Go.


And Yes, My Morning Avocado Wasn’t Ripe. I Still Tried To Cut It Open Then Had To Toss IT… There Goes Another Uterus.


Kuddos To All Who Bare Children … Maybe I’m Past That Point …. 33 Years.. Too Long Too Abused . Too Much. Lily Came Last Year. They Killed Me Many Times Since Then.