Please Don’t Take This For Face VAlue ~ ABOUT FACE


No > The DF IS Not Playing Victim.

Again . I Am On Top Of It Here, Commander Venus And they All Follow .

I Am Master Hectress. How Else But Through Blowin’ Up The Field Does One Get The Fake To Fall. How Else But Through Motionlessness? Quietude. Silence. Disconnect. Does One Awaken The Truth in The Other That Is Too Used To Be Tended To. And That Takes The World For Granted.

That Thinks That The DF Is Only Here Waiting For A Signal To Run To The DF, Yet Again.

That’s Not How IT Works. Even If The Whole World Crumbled. I Won’t Run Back To Them.

I Learnt, This Time. The Zero Major Arcana Card The Fool, Won’t Be Comin’ Up Anytime Soon.

This Time. I Will Rise. Even If It Takes Another 19 Billion YEars. Even If They Must Stay In Their Ego And Quench The Whole Of The Rest OF Their Harem Style Life’s Thirst.

I’m DONE . I’ve TRanscended All My Lower Emotions. Doesn’t Phase Me Anymore.

Whatever The World Throughs My Way. I Won’t REspond In Any Way I Previously Have. As It Doesn’t Work.

So Dear Smart-Ass Tarot Parrots. GET A LIFE ~

Signed : Aurora And All The DFs In Separation That Have HAd It Over THe Top .