On What’s What And Who’s Who .

Not Until I Was Kelli’s (They Now Killed Her) Roommate Here On The Island, Did I Start To Experience Beings Programming Snakes And Putting Them On My Path.

The Responsible Neighbor Was The One To Invite Me In After Whatever Was Done To The Field And They Had Me Leave Shasta Back To The Island.

Then As I Moved Out OF There To Kosovo Land, To Then Go To Bikram Yoga And Also Witness A Huge Brown Snake As I Am Rollerblading Into The School At The Door, Then Ending Up Right Back In Atlantis Once Again After An Attempt Of Movement Forward In Tennessee .

Felt Like Maybe That Time The Floridian Beings Would Come Forth But That Wasn’t The Case .

Still And For All To Know … No One In Mt. Shasta Cali Put A Snake On My Path …. No One Tried to Program Me In Shasta.

It Is True That I Am More Royalist Than The King. But Still.

I Offered The Being In Shasta Personally On Call As You All Listened, To Have You All Book Sessions With Her. Go To Her. If You Don’t Trust Me, Don’t Want To Validate Me And Want To Have Me End My Mission .. Doesn’t Matter To Me Long As You Get Rid Of Your Egos. I Offered You All Sessions From Shasta. You All Denied Me Then Too From lovehaswon.org. Now For A Year I Have Been Offering You The Remedy On Lovedima.com . You All Think You Know Better Than Love. Do You Really? LoL

So All You All Trying To Flirt With Me Through My Session Invitations Or Trying To Fool Me, I Am All Mission Here And I Invite You All To Book Sessions With Lovehaswon.org. She Is Highly Qualified And This Is Not About Ego. Couldn’t Care Less About Competition. This Is About Full Planetary Liberation. Because You All Are Loved.

I Know My Power And I Love You All Enough To Wish Only The Best For You.

I Am Done Being Stepped On And Diminished. Choose Love And Quit Manipulating Me.

Also, I don’t Believe I Was Drugged In My Drinks In Shasta. Or Fooled. Unlike Here And Don’t Get Me Started. You All Are In Ego And You All Failed At Your Attempts At 5D And Beyond. No. It’s Not Me Who’s Fake. Loves. I Am Real As It Gets.