I No Longer Give A Fcuk

They Try To Get Me To Feel Something .. They Put Female Versions OF The Track Jealous .. IT Doesn’t Phase Me … I Couldn’t Care Less. I’m Gone. Far Away. I Don’t Feel Anything For This Creation Anymore. Like A Lot Of Times Before. It’s Really Time For Something New.

I Pushed Them Away. They Needed Healing Glad They Are Being Loved If That’s Wassup .. I Don’t CARE!

They Did The Same Thing To Me Last Christmas. My Life’s Dream .. They Had To Walk In And Over-Power Me, Kick Me Out And Stay There . They Sent Me Away on The 17th Of December, A Few Days Before Christmas… We Did Spend Thanksgiving Together But They Were Inside Another Fem …

This Year, I’m Certain I’m Being Saved From Tears .. And Thank Goodness I Told Off All The Agents Poisoning My Life In 2017 Calling Me To Get My Info.

12:12 >

My Old Life SUCKS. LOL ~ I Am Grateful It’s Ended.

I Don’t Know How To Process All This Or Where To Go From Here .

Children Fucking Up Mother OF Creation . Cos They Have Confidence Issues And Need To Learn How To Date So I Tellem Go Do It . They Make Believe It’s My Fault .

I’m Just So Done With All Your Bullshit Everyone. You Trash Youtube, And The Whole Planet With Your Retardation.

I Wish I Still Could Feel Jealousy, It Used To Give Me Incentive To Do Crazy Things. Now I Super Don’t Care Whatsoever. I’m Done. They Are Better Off Elsewhere I Don’t Even Feel Like Being Around Their Bs Whatsoever.

Wonder Where To Go From Here … Maybe I’ll Go Live In A Jungle. Civilization Is Just Too Criminal For Someone Like Me. Although I’m Done With The Animals Too, Long Time, I’ve Seen The World, Done It All , Had My Cake Now. Zero Fucks Given.

So No Youtube. I’m Happy They Are Happy Elsewhere. Merry Christmas. Hope All Your Wises Come True And That I Actually Discover My True Wish. Maybe I’ll Vanish From This Place For 2018.

This Planetary Ascension Is Over With. Have Your Cake. Eat Them Too.

I’m Over-Done.s

The Rest: You’re All Full Of Shit!

So I Reflect You All Daily.

Period The End.