Fa3L Kheyr ~ Trèfle à quatre feuilles

Anyone Out There Needing A True Miracle >?

My Light Seems To Be On ‘Automatic Refract Mode’ . History Repeats Itself And Each Time I Enter Anyone’s Life, Miracles Seem to Speed Up Exponential For Them. Beings Not Being Accustomed To My High Levels OF Intelligence, Beauty Etc, And All The Light Work I Do, Makes Every Household Or Life I Enter Welcome In Dreams Of True Love Come True. See Immediately.

For Instance, As I Mentioned Already, I Lived 7 Months of 2017 Here On The Island In A Kosovan Environment With A Fem That I Nick-Named ‘The Terminator”, For the Way She Spoke To Her Beloved. He Would Call Her 200 Times. She Would Ignore It Then If She Picked Up She Would Insult Him From Head To Toe. The Day Of Moved Out, She Calls Me 24 Hours Later Says They Got Married On A Whim …

See My Love Is So Strong And Me Wishing For It Even Stronger That The Minute I Exit, The Particles Straight-Up Replace My Energy With Dreams Of True Love …

Same Now .. I Have Known This Yoga Teacher Colleague 5 Years. They Moved Out Of The Island, Called ME Once For A Session But It Was Really Them Calling For A Miracle. Next Thing You Know They Move Back Here, and Now Live Where I Stay Upstairs With Their Love Of Their Life That Came Special Delivered To Them From Spain.

Any So Much More. My Love Is So Strong That No Matter Where I Am People Start To Fall In Love And Make-Out Right As I Am Sitting There…

Since IT Doesn’t Look Like Love Is Meant TO Be Mine In The Form Of A Guy That Sticks Around And Deserves It, As Each Time This Is Attempted They End Up Loving Hardest On Someone Around Me, Maybe I Should Just Be A Love-Muse And Move Where People Need My Energy.

So I Invite In Grateful Ones That Will At Least Pay Me For My Services Instead OF Making Me Pay For Rent, Clean Up After Them in Their Own Zone, Raise The Vibes, Exterminate Vampires And Demons, And All The Rest That I Do!

So Bring It On Angels .. Where ARe The Grateful Cool People That Would Love To Have Me Around For A Week To Have Their Most Impossible Problems Solved, As No MAtter How Impossible Theirs Are, Mine Are Always Beyond. So They Can All Borrow My Love!

That’ll Be My New Job ! LOL ~ Bring It On Angels.

I Have Zero Interest In Repeating The Old ……

Luckily I HAve Some Money To Maybe Spend My Christmas In A Place That Is Home More Than Any Other, Since Everywhere Else I Am Always Sharing My Energy And Being Used …. Maybe We Go Back To Hotel Living In 2018 !

Whatever This IS! Let’s Go! Hoping For Things That Aren’t Mine Is Over-Rated.

I Have No Interest In Any Kind Of Relationship Honestly Since No Man Seems To Be Able To Keep Me, Satisfy Me, Please Me Fully, And Be What I Need. I Surely Haven’t Met That Yet…..

And To Those That Fucked Up Recently And Still Invite Me … Well That’s Sweet, Thanks! What Else Can I Say . Still Looking Into HAwaii Living, It’s Warmer Than Anywhere Else.

Maybe I’ll Also Forget About My Lying Lawyer From that Point And Start Fresh …. In A Brave New World !

Stay Updated As We Find Out What Victory Looks Like For Aurora Diamond Rainbow Within The Next 6 Days .. Also, If You Like My Posts, Please Don’t Bother . I Get More Bothered Than Enjoying IT. And It Makes Me Want To Unfriend You.