Tonight We Celebrate HUGE As Huge Amounts Of Light Have Been Added Exponentially To The Grids. Today Is The Day Of The Beginning Of Total Break-Free Of Fears.

I Personally Have For Years Only Been Comfortable And Able To Feel Like I Am Able To Be Myself Alone. In Terms Of Being. Today For The First Time, No Fucks Were Given In A Good Way. I Now Live With A Couple, And Prior To Today When They Are Around I Dim My Lights To Make Space For Their Love To Blossom. Things Have Evolved Such As I Was Asked To Give The Divine Masculine A Tarot Reading For Their Third Eye Awakening Yesterday, As Well As Visiting A Pleiadian Rep. Divine Fem For A Chiropractic Adjustment.

I Have Been All Day Today And Up Until Now, Non-Stop Practicing Yoga, Singing Mantras, And I Am Breaking Free From All Binding Fears In A Major Way. I Am Simply Being Me Without Minding That There Are Beings Around; Which Is A First Since I Always Have Been Accustomed To Putting Others First Which Really Didn’t Work For Me.

I Am Confident That I Know The Answer To My Deepest Heart’s Desire To Spend The Greatest Christmas Yet In The Presence Of Those That Truly Deserve My Love And Presence.

I Am Confident Getting There Will Come Naturally And Easy As Pie As I Slowly Fully Break Free From All Binding Fears ~

Here’s A Tale For All : As My Birth Mom Carried Me In Her Womb, She Had A Fear A Black Male Was Going To Hurt Me. So She Would Turn Her Gaze Away from Black Masculines Eyes While They Were Around As To Avoid This Catastrophe. Growing Up In Paris, I Am Told Tales Of Me Once Yelling Out Really Loud As A Black Masculine Approached Me; I Was Used To Being Around Black Fems As They Lived With Us And Took Care Of Us As Nannies. When They Came To The Home They Always Seemed Very Afraid Of Their Masculine Counterparts Back In Africa Whom They Had Escaped From To Work With Us.

As An Empath I Sensed All Their Pain And Would Cry Each Time They Hurt Me (Playing Ball They Would Hit It Some Place On My Body Where I Wasn’t Able To Catch It And I Would Get Hurt); They Would Say Sorry to Me.

Feeling Like I Was More Fortunate Than They Were For Still Living With My Family While They Had Left Theirs To Live With Mine To Make Money, And Hearing All Sorts Of Stories About How Poor They Are Back Home. Them Saying Sorry Would Make Me Cry More Than The Pain From The Ball Hit!


Now The Creeper Outside Is Said To Be Black Skinned. So It Takes Facing The Last Barrier To BE Free. There We ARe . It’s Victory Time Soon . No Harm. Only Love.


On A Separate Note; The Pain That Was Caused Mid November By A So Called Twin Flame (As I Still Haven’t Been Able To Regain The Total Discernment On That Topic, And which I Will Undoubtedly Within The Next Few Moments) Due To Us Planning to Spend ThanksGiving Together And Be Together Onwards For Full Planetary Liberation And Them Simply Vanishing On Me – Is Now Almost Fully Transmuted. The Pain Body Is Almost All Gone. Eons Of Pain Of Separation. Gone.

I Feel So Grateful For My Persistence, And Reawakening From The Dead Way More Than Once In 2017. Definitely A Very Trying Year, Crowning The Rest Of My Extremely Trying Experiences When It Comes To Dealing With Relationships.

As I Fully Regain My Full Power, There Is No Way I Can Ever Be Hurt Again So Deep By Any Relationship Ending . Or So I Hope!


Also, Another Issue Of Mine Has Been Totally Going The Other Way When I Like A Divine Masculine. Since Forever. My Shiness Has Me Choose The Guy I Don’t Like When I Meet The One I Do; In Their Face. For Not Trusting The Masculine And Wanting To Avoid Pain. Sad But True. This Is Something That Should Completely Be Given Up ! ~

Like A Flush. Instead Of A

Hush. The Secret Keeps Itself!