Also . On Fooling Me=YOURSELVES Too Long Now .

“Angel” Kaitlen Sending Billy Hodge My Way At The Triangle To Exterminate Me Season One After Her Crew Decided I Was No Good While They Stole My Jewels And Called Me The Thief, And Reversed ALL On Me ..

  While I Am Following Instructions And Going To Bikram Yoga For A Month Challenge After She Instructs Me To.

All The While Having Heather Be Picked Up In Bahrain Airport By My Childhood Friend Patrick And Taken Care Of While I Am Here Riding Around The island With Her Man And His Friend After Class; Her Coming Back Projecting Energies On Me Of Wanting Him And Maintaining That Stance All The Way Until Now While They Are Back On And Decide To Not Share, Show Up, Step Up and Show Gratitude For Everything I Have Done For Their School … Or Get Sessions …

Then Kaitlen Having Billy Cheat On Me Out Of Horrendous Jealousy For Our Love … Same As “Mother-God” Shasta Ego Whereby She Owns All The Men ..

The American Syndrome.

Sharing My Post Of Me Giving A Yoga Class 2 Years Ago At The Med Harbor And NO ONE SHOWING UP. Same As This Year. Bikram School Offering Me A One Hour Spot To Give A Class And Again No ONE SHOWING UP.

All This Diminishing Me, Taking My Power Away .. Really Isn’t A Reflection Of Me. It’s All You! I Came! I Practiced Daily. I Am Far More Evolved Than Most Of You .

And All Because You People Are The Illuminati Or Have Government Power-over Me Tracking My Info Doesn’t Make Me Less ME ! LOL .

Same Old Story. I Am Thankful I Was Asked To Leave. From Both Places. 2 Years In A Row . I Would Not Stay Where I Am Not Honored And Loved And Appreciated For Who I Am.

Making Believe You Took Sessions Than Using That To Get A Lawyer To Get A Session? As If I Am Going To Sue The Light-Crew ?

See I Use You Against Them And Them Against You. Atlantis Vs Lemuria.

You Figure It Out. None Of You Want ME. LOL.

DUH I’m The Bridge.. So Not Until Father SHOWS UP… In The Interim …

I Stand Strong And Justice Shall Be Served.

Ego Will Never Win Love. On Both Sides.

! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !

As To The Being Upstairs Clearing Her Throat. Sleeping Next To A Man While Returning To Your Boyfriend In A Week Doesn’t Make You An Angel.

You Are In Pure Ego . You Don’t Understand Energetic Laws And Really Should Call if You Don’t Want To Deal With Getting Real With Me.

No. I Don’t Need To Be Told Hello Aurora. I Don’t Care For Tit For Tat. I Take Out Your Garbage Everyday. And I Clear Your Dishes. LOL. I Told You All That Would Happen For You Day One. You Think You Telling Me To Stay Home And Not Go To Yoga doesn’t Show Ur True Colors LOL. You Don’t Own Me Dear. I’ve Been Living Here Forever ….. Good Luck And A Very Happy Birthday .

I Am Your Mother Of Creation ~


LOL . You Guys Already Asked Me To Go In A Week. I Am Officially Payed With A Receipt So I Trust You Can’t Mess With My Stuff Until I Am Out Of The Snake Pit.


Check Yourself First.

Can’t Take My Power For Free. It’s Not Yours Dear. Lol