Mother OF Creation Is Not Well . She Is Yet Again, On The Streets . Abandoned, Betrayed, Kicked-Out. And Has Creepers  And Low-Energy Entities All Around At All Times. Takers. Selfish Beings. Ignoramuses. The Scary Part Is She Is Unable To Fathom Being Loved Again .

She Has Loved So Deep And So Long And Each Time Turned Out An Abortion She Is Now Hallucinating. Wanting Multiple Lovers To No Longer Give Herself To One Idiot, Since They All Are Idiots For Not Being Here Now To Begin With ….

Just Picturing Herself Being Loved Makes Her Want It Then Panicking Cos She Associates It With Then Needing To Run To Another Cos That Love Is Soiled.

So She Is Fine In Taker Ville With Creepers Creeping Up In Her Sleep And Nothing Good Ever Coming Her Way Besides What She Provides To Herself And Works Hard At Maintaining.

She Is In Isolation, And Every Attempt At Participating In 3D Goes The Same Way: They Want To Take Her Energy For Free. Over-Charge Her. Literally Get Jolts Of Awakening In Her Eyes Then HAve Her Pay For It (This Is Literal; What I Write).

No Clue Where This Train Is Headed. But Looking BAck Seems Absurd Now . The Future Is The Only Way Through The Now Which Is Non-Existent.

This Seems Hopeless. Congrats For What You HAve Done To Your Mother-EArth. Bravo.