13 > Come And Get Me < Earth To SuperHeroes

Happy 13th.


So Felt Like My Super-Heroes Were Showing Up Today … When Is Better Than On The 13th ?

Hey. Everyday Can Be The 13th . Except When it’s The 6th . LOL . 11 Works Fine Too .. PS: New Creation Tarot Decks We Burn All The Negative Cards.

The Status Is Simple . Twinkle. There IS No Planning Whatsoever Possible . I Am Surrendered To The Highest Outcome For All Humanity . AuroraLucifer Are Payed-In And Secure In Till The 21rst ! Then We’re Ridin’ Wild On The Open Highway . Come What May. Route 66 << Ho Ho Santa-Baby Ho!

> Total * Let //  Go  >! ~ Ahhh ~

Wonder Struck . Nothin In There Left LOL .

Shoot The Coca-Cola Can With Your Hunting Gun.

Everybody In The House Lemme Hear You Say ~

Yippee-Kayae Mother Fucker !

“May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light that’s within you, Guide your way on.” SAT NAM .