Hi! Apparently They Closed Down lovehaswon’s channel!

Yipppeeeee ! It’s Time For All To Get The Real Deal Meow!

You’re All Welcome Under My Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh eh ~~ Come On by Mfkrs!

Let’s Go ! Sunny And Nice ! What You doin Today?! Too Busy In the Illusion?!

LOL hihihihihihihihi

Get Your Sessions On Babies !!! I Miss You All And Love You More !

Who’s On Their Way To HHI ?! I’m Tellin You Guys I Can’t Plan Whatsoever Anymore . Ding!

When They Say Go I Have Zero Clues ~ COme And Get Me Or I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself!

It’s Been SUCH An Ordeal For One Little Person On One Big Planet!

Where U Want ME NExt?

No More 3D Salvation Missions POR FAVOR . LEast Not In My Home Space.

Let’s Go ~ Who’s Who. What’s What.

True-Twins Are Gonna Win !

We Just Gave A Session Here And The Triangle Situation Is Ending As The Divine Masculine Was Handed His Power Back From The Divine Fems Blinding Illusion She Made Hypnotized Him Into.


Your Victory Is My Victory.

Your Joy Is My Joy!

Toss Me In The Ocean In Ten Days . Poseidon Pick ME Up Babe. Dem Humans I’m Never Sure About. Daddy! Who’s My Daddy?!

LOL . What Else Can I ASsist You With>