Where IT’s AT !

Yo Yo Peeps //

So Just FYI … Whoever Is In Whoever’s Pants Right Now … Is Not Really Something That Is Affecting AuroraLuci In Any Way Sense Or Form ..

The Plan Remains … Case Nobody Steps Up, Shows Up By The End Of The 10 Day Period, I Will Be Going Up To Shasta, To Dave’s Place … It’s An Open Door; For A While Now ..

I Been Holding Out To See What’s Up With All The Young Male Pretenders Coming Forth Throughout 2017 Declaring Everlasting Love And Twinship And Lala Land Dreams Coming True .. I Spent My Whole Moneys And Savings Investigating Lucifer LOL ~ To Then Turn Out To Be The One And Only!

At This Point Also, And Since I Have, Since 2009, Given My All To USA And Now Being All Flow, I’m Absolutely Ready To Take My Winner Vacay Spend A Razzling Christmas; Then Just Go … Home!

I Am Not Destitude Nor Did I Fall From A Tree Loves!

If All Of USA Has No Use For Me And My Skills … It’s No Big Deal ! I Shared 2K With My Lawyer 6 Months Ago And They Said My Passport Would Be Ready By Christmas .. Instead All You Beings Making Believe You Are My Allies Retarded The Octave With Your Interpersonal Fuckeries And Power-Over And Nothing Moved Yet …

This Is Not Something I Deem Respectable From A Nation I Have Only Served In The Highest For 9 Years Now. And I Have Integrity And Enough Self-Love And Respect TO Say CIANARA ! LOL

I Am Really Not Hanging By A String Here Loves And I Am Worthy Of The Greatest Love Which Is Out There For Me …

Any Of You Involved With Other Beings … No Big Deal Loves ! Please Stop Postponing The Truth From Me And Blocking Communications ..


I Am The Winner Wherever I Am I’m Still ME Loves !

In A Power Spot Where I Am Loved And Cherished, Even More So! Your Love Triangles And Personal Affairs Are Really Boring At This Point!

I Just Wanna Have Fun And Be Free And There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea ! The Power Is Mine And No CIA, FBI, Or Whatever Agent Can Match That Or Own It Or Steal It Or Manipulate It Or Divert IT!

So Please Move Forward With Whoever’s Dealing With Whoever And Be Happy ! If It’s Not Meant TO Be, We Can’t Force Things Loves! Just Go Meet Your Lovers And HAve Fun …

You All Came Forth Said The Truth Shall Set Me Free.

Well You Got My Truth .. Now Won’t You Set Yourselves Free!

Thanks! Enjoy ! It Is Mercury Retrograde ! POP THE WEASEL ! I’m Done Here Waiting For Godot!