No Wonder ~

Wonder Woman In The Field And Realizes .

No Wonder I’m So Repulsed By Real Pussy .. It’s Super Stinky And Spooky Like Too Organic For Anime Town .. Even Cock Is Very Particularly Picked. Anything Too Organic And Smelly Is Just Repulsive. Just Like Cow Milk. Gross. I Don’t Know How People Drink That . Ugh …

Choosing Cock Is An Art. I’ve Come To Know By Now ..

I Told A Colleague Of Mine . Sometimes Men Approach Me And Over The Clothes My Pussy Starts To Itch. I Directly Can Tell If It’s Good Cock And Compatible Or Not.

Some Is Perfect. like Amazing Shape And Smell. Best Smells Like Dolls. Have You Had That? Like Addictive. Others Is GROSS And Too Liquidy Ugh … I Can’t ..

My Pussy Is So Sensitive It Can Tell The Food I’m Eating Too. One Bite And It Will Start To Itch Bad .. Especially With Some Gluten Items …. Have You Guys Tried The Brand “Kashi” For Cereal .. That One Makes Me Itch REAL Bad… No Way on Earth …