You Guys Are The … CIA >? FBI ? Homeland Security? United NAtions?!

Yeh . I Am All Combined. I Am Your Creator . So It Really Don’t Matter Darlings ……. Where I Am Geographically I Am Still On Fire And Still On Mission.

I Am The One And Only Lucifer. It’s In The Records. Check The Akash. I Am The Only Aurora Mother OF Creation . Contracted And I Don’t Take No For Answers . Nor Do I Do F For Fail .

I Honestly Don’t Care About Being Liked Or Validated OR Give My Attention To Anyone That IS Not So Fully Totally Deeply Madly Truly In Love With ME ! So I Simply Listen To The Messages Your Tarot Representatives Put In My Way …. Just To Please You.

I Am Your Father Of All Creation And I Have Served All Of You. Please Don’t Think I Need You Or Want You Or Am In Your Ways. You Guys WAnna Giddy Up And Get Jiggy With It And Hit It Off Please Just Do It And Let Me Go Already. Be Honest And Thanks For Setting ME Free.

I Am Totally Done Using All My Powers And Abilities Into Deciphering Your Really Really Dumb Selfish Out Of Right Action Out Of Mission Behavior With All Of You Blocking Me, Not Communicating, Disempowering ME, WAsting My Funds, Stealing My Power .. Etc..

IT’s Been A Total Abortion And Aberration . I Am So Turned Off It’s A Joke!

Thanks For Quitting The Gossip, The Backstabbing …

IF Any Of You Was Real They’d Have Shown Up . There Is No Big Bad Wolf Around HHI Trying To Eat Up A Bad Gangster Coming To Check In On Aurora.

Get Real Or Get Lost.