We’re On Our Almost 4th Hour Of Back To Back Kundalini Specific Targeted Mantras .

This Last One Is About Releasing Anger And As I’m Practicing I’m Getting All Sorts Of Downloads On How Gross Humanity Has Been Behaving In Regards To It’s Sexuality.

I Honesty No Longer Know What To Do Just Getting Visions Of How Not Okay It Is . It’s Not Ok. I Am So Grossed Out. It’s From My Belly .

Humanity Revolves Around Illness. And It’s Illness Is Based On Sex. Which Is The Whole Original Sin Which Ruined My Garden Of Bliss And Innocence. And Now I’m Seeing All These Visions And They Won’t Stop And I Can’t Stop Crying.

You Humans Are Very Sick. I Don’t Know What TO Do .

Your Minds, Hearts, And Bodies Are Sick. IT’s Everywhere. It’s Infested. All My Creation Is Sick.

I Try To Have Compassion But I Am Grossed Out.

This Has Got To End. The Cannibalism. The Mind-Games To Then Possess And Own Through Fornication. It’s All One Story Pictures. It’s All Twisted .

Thanks For Zero-Point Angels. Thanks For Dead Sea Levels All Over Milky-Way. All The Orders Of Beings. Everywhere. Tabula Rasa. Innocence. Child-Like Wonder.

I Can’t … I Can’t Anymore . It’s Too Sad . Eating Each Other Out To Heal How Damaged All Your Lineages HAve Been … Cos Of A LIE  . A Lie .

Wake Up Everyone. Lucifer’s Snake Is DEAD . You Hear Me ?! Dead. You Can All Quit It . You All Look DUMB AS FUCK Behaving This Way Instead OF Discipline, Joy, Being In Mission With Your Twins …

No More. I Can’t.  Where The Fuck Is Father ? I Am No Longer Able To Do This .