Greetings New Creation!

Wow ~ We Made IT Everyone!

It’s Time Victorious Ones! Any Of You Wanting Super Speedy Fast-Track Advancement Is Welcome To Book A New-Creation Session Here With Us At Galactic Central!


We Are Heaven . The Future Now . Bringing On Golden Age For All Children Of The Light.

We Are Actively Expanding Our Circle Of Influencers, Leading Co-Creators, For A New Creation Where We Anchor In Liberating Plasmatic-Rainbow-Diamond-Love Energies Of The Highest, Most Radiant, Grandest, Golden Emerald-Ruby-Violet-Plasma Pure-Consciousness, That Are the Most Potent Energies In Creation Linking All Hearts To The Unified Field Vibration As All Download New Codes For New Roles @Nova-Gaia ~

I Am Honored To Meet All Rainbow Diamond Angels Personally And Connect You Up To Your Highest Of Selves, For Your Claiming Your Full Power Back As Your Rise To Your God-Self .

Thanks For Allowing Me To Assist You Onwards And Upwards.

I Am Your Greatest Cheerleader And Biggest Fan!

Love You With My All And Looking Forward To Connecting!

Sessions Are One Hour And Our Minimum Energy Exchange Is 88.88$ . Follow Ups 10-15 Days Later Highly Recommended.

We Provide The Most Highly Advanced Spiritual Surgery That Is Able To, After Opening The Third Eye, Closing Brain Holes, Upgrading And Coating All Organs, Retrieve All Aspects Of The Real Events Which Occurred Throughout All LifeTimes, Dissolve All Implanted Memories And Illusions And Bring Back All The Real Events Into The Soul Body Hologram Which also Reconnects You With Your Higher-Self.

This Method Was Downloaded From Heaven And Was My Personal Liberator After Having Been Severely Damaged At Birth For Being Lucifer. Born In A Place Where I Am Believed To Be The Devil Instead Of The Light Bringer. A True Revolution That Freed Me And Revealed To Me My Deepest Keys To Unlock My Highest Potential!

It Is With Great Joy And Honor That I Share This With My Favorite Atoms On Earth!


Love You All With My All.

Rainbow Aurora ~ Mother Of Creation !

Feel Free To Email Me At For Any Inquiry!

Thanks <3