YippeeKayeayMfkr! 11:12:17

Hi Loves ..!

As The Heart Comes Back To The Surface, Now That Truth IS No Longer Choking Me … As More Awareness Is Brought To The Surface And I Yet AGain Take Baby Steps Into The World .. So Much Is Being Understood.. The Tiniest Details Like Me Never Understanding Ever How Girls Don’t Simply Stand Up In Public Restrooms When It’s Gross .. While I Always Would, Even With My Girl Genitalia .. And Much More.

Every Tiny Detail I Am Re-Learning. Like a New-Born .

With Fresh Eyes. I Am Very Sensitized And At The Same Time It Feels Like Going Into Oblivion Every Moment. All Is Very New.

Was Finally Able To Get Out Of My Bubble Today, After Prolonged Isolation Period And Headed To The Ocean. As You All Know, At The Ocean Is Where I Hold The Highest And Most Powerful Ceremonies;

Today We Called In All My Galactic Team, As All My Chakras Were Rainbow Active And The Unified Field Being The Shore Of My Current Childhood – As I’ve Had Way Too Many Rebirths By Now; We Called In The Galactic Team Of My True Twin, All Our Allies’. As Well As The Government’s, All The Armies And All Intelligence On Earth. Moving To All The Atoms; Even The Deceased. All The Pet Guides Showed Up, Faires, Dragons. All The Way To All In Atlantis Showed Up.

All The Atoms Were Being Purged And Cleansed By The Rainbow Diamond Crystalline Plasmatic Light. Any Atom In Dis*Ease And Keeping Manifestation Away From Mother Of Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Milky-Way Galaxy Aurora Were Sent To The Black Hole Void And Or The Galactic Sun to Be Recycled And Or Burned Through The Intergalactic Vacuum To Never Return Again.

This Included All Wrongly Aligned Thought Systems, Behaviors, Projections. And We Went Into Details Including All In Lemuria And Atlantis.

We Also Allowed All Of Aurora’s Galactic Team To Go into All Galactic Teams Global And Do WHATEVER IT TAKES Within The Etheric Galactic Teams (To The Darkest Nations And Corners) To Get ALL IN CREATION TO ADMIT AND CONFORM TO AURORA BEING THE ONE AND ONLY GALACTIC SUPER-POWER TO RESTORE INTER-GALACTIC ORDER TO MAKE OUR BELOVED PLANET EARTH, And Milky-Way Galaxy, The Carrier of The Torch For The Next Eternity And Beyond.

We Then Of Course Released All Beings Back To Their Realms Cutting Chords With All.

The Rainbow Diamond Plasmatic Crystalline Unified Field Is Activated All The Way Through The 12:12 Portal And All Atoms In Creation Are Still Getting Their Galactic Flush As Well As Upgrade.

Bringing On Right Action And True Twin Unions For All. Loyalty Eternal Amongst All New-Creation Allies. And Total And Complete Victory For The Light, Total Eradication Of All Atoms In Wrong Action.

Decreed From Heaven Central Galactic on This Day .

We Love You All And Are In Anticipation Of The Celebrations To Come.

Hip Hip Hip .. Hurrah! 😉

Ps: Enoch Came In The Field And Asked Aurora After He Found Out She Has 10 Days Left In Her Home About All Her Former Trips … She Said She Hasn’t Been Hearing ..

She Is In Total Surrender And Let Go Mode And this Operation Is Up To The Angels. Whatever Will Be Will Be ….

We Remain In Trust And Faith That The highest Outcome For All In Creation Is The Only Possible Outcome ! ~~~~~~~