On Michael And Lucifer


Greetings Love Beings!

As The Angelic Teams Here Working On Imagery For www.lovedima.com We Got A Transmission Regarding How Uniting Heaven And Earth Is Finally Possible!

As All Know, Archangel Michael Has Up Until Today ALWAYS Defeated Lucifer ////


Now We Understand Why Mr. Jeff Witham Had Us Cut Chords With Archangel Michael … There Was No Need Sir .. I Am Feminine … Archangel Michael Is A Lover… First And Foremost.

He Is The One To Have Approached Me And Kissed Me In Meditation … Having Seen Through DiMa And Having Been Drawn To My Higher Self …


And Who Is My Higher Self? Mother Father God = Lucifer Aurora <3

We Love You Beloved Michael And Thanks Again For Choosing Love And Choosing www.lovedima.com As Well As Encouraging Us, Having Participated In Our Healing And Success !

We Love You Beloved And Always Invite You And Yours Back Home Into The Light!

PS, To AAM.. : What Is This Deleting Dima’s Articles Illustrations ? NOT COOL ~ No Biggie, You’ll Get It Sooner Or Later 😉 xoxo We Love You So And Thank U For Your Service!

To Luci-Love ! Dis Song 4 U Baby! 😉 LOL