24.24 $ ~ Love

Greetings Love Doves!

Here’s A Quick Message From Mother-Gaia’s Heart To All !

As She Stems From The Masculine, Was Born In The East Then Brought West She Has Been Noticing How OPPOSITE In Nature Fems And Mascs Behave In Both Parts Of The World.

In The East They Refer The The Woman As A “He” In Songs For The Most Part (Now We Know Why …) And Here The Masculines Have Totally Given Their Power Away To This Fake Construct Of An Overly Empowered “American Woman”

Which Has MAsculines Wait For Her To Do Everything And She Has Been Enjoying This … On the Facade.. I’ve Met Her Truth And She Is Totally Bonkers For The Most Part For This Non-Natural Way Of Relating …

This Has Been The End Of TRue Masculine Power; Which Doesn’t Lie In how Much Money One Has, Power, What Sect They Belong To, How Many Homes They Own, How Big Their Muscles Are, Or How Much They Truly Love The Woman.

Their Power Comes In Simply Being A Man!

I Came Here As Lucifer Bringing Aurora To Be The Example For All To FLIP THE SWITCH And Have Masculines Be Masculines In Order For Fems To Relax Into Being Fems Instead Of Being Total Wrecks (That I Have Observed And Mimicked In Order To Be Able To Relate And Get Out Of All Karmic Cycles!)

Okay Love Bugs ! Love You All!

Balanced Harmonics In The Only Way To Bring On Love Everywhere Present!

A Few Moments And We’re There. Merry Christmas To All.

May All Love Triangles End As Those Get In The Way Of The Healthy Trinity With Source ~

Any Twin Still Even Looking Into A Karmic’s Eyes Is Out OF Line At This Hour.

Be Careful.

And Stop Reversing Things On The FEMS.

Take Accountability For Being A Man.

That’s The Only Way My Inner Lucifer Will Be Able To Let Go Of His Firm GRip On Aurora.

He Won’t Let Her Move Unless Things Are In Right Action And Lessons Are Complete.