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Whoopsy Doo ! Bazoo !

Our Magic Work Here At Atlantis Central Lemuria , Concentrated Powers Of Subliminal Morphings Still Ongoing, Clearing Out The Old From All Strata Galactic, Layer By LAyer Of Hot Lava Love Eradicating Any Spark Of Darkness.

Ironing Out Any And Every Pixel ~

Dream Atomic Powers Still Showing Mother OF Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Love-In-Action What The Projectors Are Projecting Onto Her .

She Is Still Reclaiming Her Masculine Powers And By Doing So, Has Without Even Asking, Manifested Over-Night Funds For Heaven At Lovedima.com !

Thanks For My Miracle Beloved Lovers, Givers, Beings Of The Highest Light. Eternally Here For Phoenix Rise. As We Plow On Through And Forth, Break Free From All Bondage And HEad On Home Into The Light !

Rumor Has It ; Love Is On On The Move And On It’s Way .. Oooohhhhh ~

Again Just Chillin In The Abode. Making Magic, Moment To Moment. Getting Out Of My Own Way And Letting My Beloved Diamond Rainbow Angels Lead On ~

All I Ask Of Them Is : Dear Darlings … If That Guy Is Only Making Believe They’re My Twin, Please Send A Partner Their Way .. Entice Them ..LOL ~ Any Being Who Would Fall On Their Way Home Into The Light And Stumble On Into Someone Else’s Uterus Has Major Problems. That’s Ego Beloveds . Not Love.

All You Gotta Do Is Trust And Have Faith .

 Bringing On The Hottest 12:12 Portal Energies For All In Creation  ~

Yapadoo ~ I Love You Too!

As Per The Oracle Report:

THE SUPER FULL MOON PHASE entered five hours later at 10:48 am ET/3:48 pm UT at 12 Gemini and the Sabian symbol “a Black slave girl demands her rights of her mistress.”  The Full Moon has been naturally eliciting us to stand up for ourselves if we feel something is amiss or unfair.  Control issues can flare (and are reinforced with the influence of Saturn).


There are a great deal of “divide and conquer” energetics being pulsed into the collective by the cabal.  The archons expended a lot of effort during this Super Full Moon phase.  This means that they have “burned” precious resources.  Since their resources are now finite, they have hastened or accelerated their fall (return to Source).  Take heart in this notion.

Wise owls with the Black Moon transit (those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn), we are with you as the Moon leaves Cancer, and we salute your time of helping to further Second Renaissance.  You are undergoing deep transformation though the beginning of August 2018.  Remember:

When the Black Moon is in Cancer, the shadow side/core fear is related to the concept of SUPPORT.  Our “foundation” is in focus.  Because we see the negative or inverse or opposite when the Black Moon is involved, we are tempted to exaggerate the idea that we do not have or will never have what we need to build our future.  It can be harder to envision any future at all.  Financial stress can create mental loops of obsessive worry.  We also see the true nature of our support system or lack thereof.  The nine-month transit of rebirthing your experience of life can be a lonely one.

By the end of the nine-month transit, inevitably we receive a blessing of support.

When the Black Moon is in Capricorn, the shadow side/core fear is related to the concept of APPRECIATION.  Issues related to being recognized — even to the point of recognition of one’s mere existence or physical presence — are in focus.  We tend to exaggerate the ideas that no one cares, no one listens, and no one is interested.  We are tempted to give up at times, wondering if we are doing any good at all.  We can feel that things are “thrust” upon us by others.  Black Moon in Capricorn does not like to be discounted; we like to be considered when decisions are being made.  The nine-month transit of rebirthing your experience of life can be a frustrating one.