Love And Gratitude!

So Very Grateful For All My Choices, Opportunities, Hardships!

All The Crazy Messes I Got Involved In! Only Made Me Stronger And Infinitely Wiser!

I Wouldn’t Trade Places With Anyone On Earth!

Feels So Great To Be Alive ~ Feeling So Grateful For All And Everything I Ever Got Involved In ~ Best Life Yet! I Love You All So Very Much And Wish You All The Very Best !

It Was Super Duper Cool To Be Part Of The FCGCT, Give Super Amazing Sessions, Visit Mt. Shasta, A Place I Dreamt Of Visiting Since Moment One I Learned It Existed!

So Grateful To Have Met Every Crew Member I Wished To Meet Personally And For Taking Beyond Cool Risks And Chances!

No Regrets. Just Grace, Super Love And Gratitude!

Happy Holidays To All

Vi Amo Tantissimo ~ Let You All Go, Let God Be My Commander 😉

Was A Super Honor To Merge Time Lines With You All! It’s All Forgiven <3

I Remain, Your Beloved Rainbow Aurora