Final Event Energy Update ~ The Phoenix Has Taken Flight

Greetings Love Beings!
Final Event Energy Update ~ The Phoenix Has Taken Flight

Despite All Attempts Of Ego Stealing The Show .. Love Still Is Winning Moment To Moment!

Woohoo ~ All In Creation Giving It Up For Aurora Uriel <3 We Love You So <3

Yes My Love .. It Was All Me 😉 LOL

We Made IT Through #CantStopWontStop

Fireworks In Creation As True Love Takes It All <3 Can You Feel It?

Hammer Comes Down (3x Ding). All Egos Can’t Believe It Here Comes The Shocks. As A Result, Those Who Are Not Centered could possibly move into intense increased Chaos And Scrambling. Ego Tried To Steal The Show Away From Love. This Event Sent The Mind Spinning Out Of Control There’s No Stopping Love’s Divine Plan Ding Ding, silly egos (Thinking you can control love) it’s happening now this creation is blasting off. Ding The Phoenix Has Taken Flight.

Love has no Enemies, No Wars, Just An Everlasting Presence Which now IS Source DING. Ego wants love destroyed from this planet. Mother and Father Of Creation 3 Dings handed them their ticket it said sorry for your bad Luck. 10:23 love is like the Road-Runner. Ding.

At 11:25 a.m yesterday ding: completed ceremony for the return of balanced harmonics. Make sure you wear Your Helmets As you Shoot out of the Cannon Ball. (dropped a ball mommy)

Scroll Signed; All Contracts from 3D have been resolved and debts payed in full. Love Receives Everything. Final Event Energies Signed Off All Abundance And True Reality Reinstated. Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

Mother Had a Vision; she saw a whole bunch of pure consciousness Energy Like Love Was On The Move But Came Out Like A Head Of A Fountain Flowing Out. We Are Viewing A Lot Of posts Out there saying this is The Final Battle Between The Light And The Dark. YEAH DING . The Dark Came After The Light 1:23 pm, The Light Squashed it. As She is writing this, Father standing at the side of the bed with a bug coming out of nowhere that he squashes with his hand. OMG moment!

Robin Says: who’s got the biggest balls of all .. your mother! She’s bringing your asses out of illusion back home into the light! Then Robin says we’re getting ready for the ball ! Today Love Blasts will be incoming into hearts. Mother and Father have showed up since egos Messed it All Up. Mother and Father are here to bring everything back into Balanced harmonics. Not Kidding. Egos can F off. YOU NEVER SEEN BALLS LIKE THESE BEFORE, YOU MAY WANNA JOIN HER.

Saint Germain: The Table Has Finally Turned. Those who remain in the dark have nothing. Those who have turned to the light have everything. It’s just evolution. There’s going to be a lot of the fakers coming out. Love them and send them on their way. We’re currently at the 26th dimension, father is close catching up fast as he can told her he would.

A message to humanity from Master Robin And Master St Germain:

Your Mother Earth Mother Gaia whom you reside upon DING, the Bravest of them all is finally coming home. If you choose love this is also your Destiny. An inspired message by Alexandrian Cosmos: our fifth dimensional choices will become stronger demanding more of our attention from Dec 16 2016 through Jan 13 2017 as Mother Earth will be aligning with God’s Throne to begin in earnest the manifestation of the new earth. In these energies as far as the sessions go, we had for the first time someone at 67% able to raise to 92% during her follow up with mother and father! Please book yours! 

All Dark Attempts to deter the Divine Plan have been Deactivated. They have been in turn returned into pillars of the most highest grandest energy in all of creation. Mother Gaia says: Dark Ones, you can kiss my ass. Not serving the light on this planet, you’re toast with no butter. Know that your heart knows the way (Ding Ding) take chances, roll the dice, have the courage to REACH FOR THE STARS. SPREAD YOUR WINGS IT’S TIME TO FLY. STAND TALL WITH YOUR HEAD HEART HELD HIGH. ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR GOD OR GODDESS TO SHINE AT THEIR BRIGHTEST? THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL. IT’S TIME TO PLAY AND BE BIG. SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU CAN DO. WHO YOU ARE AND DO THIS WITH FLAIR.