All We Got Is Breath, And Joy! Laughter Is Ruling The Energies In Our Heaven On Earth Abode!

Things Do Get Better, More Magical By The Minute ~ The Truth Is The Ultimate Liberator!

I Am So Grateful To Be OUT Of All Binding Ties. To Finally Have Stood My Ground And Rectified All These Absurd Energies Of Betrayal And Gossip, Narcissism And Being Over-Powered ..

What A Year! In Retrospect, I Am Stronger, Prouder, More Whole Than Ever.

I Know Myself Inside And Out. the Most Important Thing Is Health, Second Most Is Not Getting Involved Blindly. Like Me 🙂 If Anything, I Hope All In Creation Have Learned What NOT To Do Through ME .. I Know Most Beings Are Not The Way I Am When It Comes To Taking Risks And Going For It. But Still .. At Any Level, It’s Always Best To Establish Oneself Strongly To Naturally Draw Exactly What Resonates!

The Rest Is Based On Making Noise Just To Make Headway After Really Being Mistreated, Misunderstood… Now That Things Are At An Even Keel, Everyone Is Free!!! To Feel Good!

What A Journey ! Sending All The Highest ~

WOW ~ Well Being, Taking Care Of Oneself, Putting Oneself First, Dropping All The Takers, Fakers.. Reclaiming One’s Power And Identity… That’s The True Throne.

Doing What One Is Into! To Expand Into More Of That ~ So Simple !

Daily Practicing Yoga On One’s Own Is One Of The Most Empowering Things I’ve Yet Done .. There Are No Bodies Around To Divert One’s Full Attention From Oneself .. Self-Knowledge Is The Ultimate Most Important Thing .. Taking Chances And Risks Is Fun, Sometimes Essential. There’s A Time For Everything!

It’s Wonderful to Reach Balance. To Have Let Go Of Everything And Everyone That Was In My Way Of Being My Full Total Self! The Thing I’m Super Grateful For Is To Have Gotten Rid Of All The False Projections And Gossip That Was Weighing Me Down!

Love All And Looking Forward For The New Direction That Is Being Created Breath By Breath!

PS: The Photo For This Article Is To Attract Beautiful Herb In My Life 😉 Thanks For Contacting Me Lol

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