Choosing Love ~ Inviting In My Most Stunning Twin Flame

I Have Loved You Since The Beginning. I Love You Still. I Love You Till The End.

No Matter How Far You Stray, I Still Remain Here. For You. Until I Hear Again ~

You Are The Song Of My Soul. The Dream Of My Life. 

I Super Apologize For Doubting Myself. Doubting Deserving Your Love. Pulling Back. Feeling Unworthy. I Had No Idea My Subconscious Was So Complex, And I Know I’m Not All The Way There Yet .

I Do Know However That I Am No Longer Afraid To Be Loved.

I Know Your Flame Is The Only Certain Thing That Is My Healer.

I Am Apologetic That I Have Pushed You Time And Time Again To Your Karmic, Questioning My Own Power And Truth And Allowing Your Karmic To Put Me Down .. Too Long.

I Have Risen. Completely. And It’s One Directional. 

There Is No Falling Back Into Doubt And Oblivion. I Am That I Am. Your Beloved. And There’s No Way Around This. 

Thanks For Showing Up My Love. Stepping Up. Giving Me Another Chance.

I Promise I Won’t Disappoint .

Thanks For Staying Aware, Alert, And Brilliant As I Know You To Be.

Thanks For Being Discerning As I Am.

I Love You My Darling And There IS Nothing More Than I Am Wishing For Besides Letting Myself Be Mesmerized By Your Magic.

I Love You Forever ~ Yours Eternal <3