Being An Empath

As Most All By Now, My Empathic Skills Are Some Of The Most Advanced In A Human Body. If Not The Most. I Can Sense Everything. No Exception. On All Planes Of Existence. At All Times. Which Has Me Need Long Periods Of Solitude To Transform Planetary Energies And Bring On The New Golden Age, Accomplishing My Uniting Heaven And Earth Mission.

Since The Beginning Of Time. There Is Practically Nothing I Would Not Have Done Or Didn’t Do. And This Driving Force Within My Heart Is Unstoppable.

My Ways Of Healing Beings And Myself, All The Atoms And The Galaxy, Are Many. However Employing The Clown Method Of Heyokas Is Something I Am A Master At. I Laugh At Myself ALL THE TIME.

I Dare Anyone Out There To Not Admit To How Hilarious I Am…. LOL

I’ve Had Close Alliances Calling Me At Distances To Help Me Get Out OF Muddy Waters.. They Would Laugh SO HARD Then Apologize For Being Insensitive .. When In Fact Laughter Is What They Needed To Get Over Themselves At That Point.

Of Course I’m Funny .. Voire Hilarious. And I’ve Met A Couple Heyokas As Well. None As Funny As Me Because They Don’t Laugh AT Themselves Like I do. So I Might As Well Be The Top Heyoka On Earth Today. Are You That Too? Come On Along Let’s Laugh Out Loud Till The World Ends 😉

Let’s Go YO

xoxo Cover Girl