No Postponement . Zero Hesitation

It’s Time .

One Moment You Hesitate To Step Forth Into The Light And Follow Your Heart .. Next Moment The Light Goes Off On You.

Holy Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Mother Of Creation, Mother-Earth Just Had An Event Here At Mission House.

Very Simple. Yet In Simplicity Comes Reality.

As She Got Guidance To Turn On Her Side Lamp, She Hesitated For A Moment Since She Has A Candle Lit Here For All Twins To Ignite ..

She Drew A Card, For Fun, Asking About Turning On The Lamp. Said Go For IT. She Reached Out To Turn The Lamp On. Switch. Pop. Goes The Light. Lights Up One Nanosecond Then Gives The Damaged Signal!

So There’s Your 5:55 Message!

Hope This Resonates,

Love All

Ps: Love Is Infectious! Presently Here In This Current Space, A Fem From The Canari Islands Showed Up For A Yoga Teacher Exchange Program; Met Her Twin… All They do All The Time, Besides Meditating Together, Practicing Yoga Together, Making Food Together.. Is LAUGH ! I Have No Idea What Exactly They Say But Each Time They Laugh I’m Laughing Too !