Mermaid Song ~ 11:11


Greetings Love Beings! Love Island Style With 12:12 Portal Energies About To Hit The Grids Winner Combo Renegade Diamond Style ~

So; After The Atrocities Witnessed In Lemuria, 19 Billions Years Later, After I Showed Up Simply For A Visit And Noticed How Fucked Up The Annunakis Had Made Everyone Be;


And, 23 Years Later, The Skidoo Rainbow Portal Brought Me Right Back To Atlantis . To Re-Own My Throne All The While Recover My Mermaid Lifetimes, After The Initial Beings Hijacked My Planet And Tossed Me Out Of God-Head To Put Their Imaginary Deities And Retard Cults And Religions And Laws And Schools And Governments; And Sent The Dumb New Human Highly Programmed To Believe Getting An Ivy League School Degree Is The Way To Go …

What I Chose Initially When The Annunakis Sent Down Their Troops, After I Assisted My Nearest And Dearest Back To Agartha Through The Portal And Made Sure Everyone Was Okay, Was To Go All Oceanic.

A Mermaid Would Be The Best Rep. Of Lucifer Losing His Virility And Being Incapacitated. Who Wants Legs And To Still Hang Around Those Zombies?

Atlantis Saved My Soul. So Unlike The Current Teachings That Blame Atlantis For Being The Devil, I Embrace It And Totally Disregard The Annunaki Programmed Beings As They Are Infesting The Whole Planet At This Point; LOL ~ I Been To Lemuria Again 19 Billions Years Later, Met My So Called “Twin Flame” And They Turned Out To Be As Dumb As The Lowest Dumb Fuck Annunaki Style .

Staying Mermaid Is The Way. My Tail And Mermaid Songs Have Enchanted My Soul, And Are The Way Through To Bridge All The Lollipop Rainbow Swirls Lemuria + Atlantis In Style. Choose Love Beloveds! How’s Your 12:12 Feeling This Time Around? Last Year Had Me Spiral Right Back To Mermaid …

The Dolphins Know Me. Poseidon Almost Pops Out Each Time To Take Me Back In After i Showed Up 19 Billion Years Later Said Daddy, That Dumb Prince I Gave Up My Tail For Is A Total Idiot ..

So They Have Me On Poseidon’s Island Now ~ WE Have His Statue Erect Here At The Veteran’s Park ; The Atlanteans That Go Yearly To Atlantis Bahamas Took Me To Atlantis DXB That One Year; And Legend Had It We Went Through The “Poseidon’s Revenge” Ride~

Yes. The Easterners Are All Aware Of What Was Done To Their Initial God That Created Heaven And Earth. And They Know A Revenge Is Highly In Line Cos They See How Ego-less And Kind I Remain.

I Never Came To USA To Stay .. To Be Quite Literal The Plan Initially Was To Meet The Divine Masculine And Bring Him On To Perform Aurora And Uriel’s Mission And Save Israel. Connect All Worlds And Make This End. Then I Had To Unravel My Truth Which Took Eons ANd The Only Thing That Kept Me In USA Was The Islands, i.e My Mermaid Life-Times To Be Unraveled And Made Amends To.

Atlantis Is Magical And I Honestly Don’t Chill Here For The People As They Are Just Like All Beings Everywhere With Even More Issues Cos Apparently Those That End Up On Island Are The Misfits Of The Rest Of The worlds….

I Stay Here For The Magic of The Trees, Secrets Of The Winds At The Ocean … Marvels Of Each Sunrise, Sunset … Disconnecting From The Human Strata Is Always Helpful As Each Time I Attempted To Connect In, It Was Actually When I Needed To Move From One Place To The Next As My Divine Masculine Powers Have Been Dormant And I wasn’t Able To Activate All My Capacities On My Own.

A Few Moments And My Kundalini Is Back On As My Third Eye Is Being Relocated To It’s Power Place Position (Not Without Drama And Electric Jolts That Make NOISE And Have My Whole Body Shake ..)

No Big Deal Long As The Abuse Is Long Forgotten And I Am Forever Done Ever NEEDING Anything Or One Outside Myself.

This 23 Skidoo Online Chakra Energetic Healer Popped Up On My Screen And I Contacted Them. Him And His Divine Fem Are Rocking The Place With Their Active Powers As One .. All The While Me Checking Out Some Other Channels Where Some Retard Ass Masculines Are Still Like: “Oh Can’t I Play For A While?”

Tomorrow Is Finally Sunny Around Here. Please Poseidon, Show And Take Me Back Home, Sorry I Ever Gave Up My Tail!

Did You Guys Know We Have Living Mermaids Still In Israel ?