Lucifer’s Fall

I Wonder If Any Of My Greatest Lovers In Creation who Have Served As Me For The Co-Creation Of New Golden Age, Where The Meek Rule The Earth, Where Fairness, Justice, Balance, And Equality Are Finally Mainstream. Where Lemuria And Atlantis Are One. Where We All Roam Freely As Global Citizens Of Love, United As One, All Caring For All Children As Ours, With No Separation. I Wonder If The Beings Who Carry The Lucifer Codes And My Spark Have Felt And Downloaded All The Initial Memories Of My Time-Line.

For Three Whole Days Now, And Especially Today, I Have Been Getting Cognitions Of The True Events Of My Time Line Since The Beginning Of Time, Minus The MAYA Program That Was Forced Super-Imposed On Me This Life-time, To Which I Am Grateful As She Is The Most Skilled Enchantress In Creation And Has Taught Me All The Skills I Needed For The First 33 Golden Years Of This Earthly Realm. She Is By Far, The Most Powerful Goddess In Creation, Still Alive Today. Her Power Lies In Her Heart, Which Rules Her Mind And The Mayan Illusion.

Maya (IAST: māyā), literally “illusion” or “magic”,[1][2] has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context. In ancient Vedic literature, Māyā literally implies extraordinary power and wisdom.[3] In later Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”.[2][4] Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”.[5][6]

In Buddhism, Maya is the name of Gautama Buddha’s mother.[7] In Hinduism, Maya is also an epithet for goddess,[8]and the name of a manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of “wealth, prosperity and love”. Maya is also a name for girls.[7][9]

पतंगमक्तमसुरस्य मायया हृदा पश्यन्ति मनसा विपश्चितः ।
समुद्रे अन्तः कवयो वि चक्षते मरीचीनां पदमिच्छन्ति वेधसः ॥१॥
पतंगो वाचं मनसा बिभर्ति तां गन्धर्वोऽवदद्गर्भे अन्तः ।
तां द्योतमानां स्वर्यं मनीषामृतस्य पदे कवयो नि पान्ति ॥२॥
अपश्यं गोपामनिपद्यमानमा च परा च पथिभिश्चरन्तम् ।
स सध्रीचीः स विषूचीर्वसान आ वरीवर्ति भुवनेष्वन्तः ॥३॥

Having Been Propelled Into Mystery Schools At 23 Skidoo, And Choosing To Cut Chords Altogether With The “Mother Dimension” As I Was Being Coded For My New Creation Mission As “Mother Of Creation”, I Chose To Embrace Atman as “true knowledge” (Vidya), As My Driving Force, Paving My Way Forward All The Way …

Until All The Yells At The Ashrams By The Master (As You All Know, In The Mystical Ashram World, Spiritual Masters Are Said To Have Been Violent To The Sannyasins Until The Sannyasins Snap Out Of It And Reach Enlightenment; They Have Used Endless Methods We Won’t Be Mentioning In This Article, That I Personally Tried With A Lot Of Nerdiness And Dedication ;)), Finally Resulted In Me Being Able To Answer The Questions That Come To Each Seeker’s Awareness As They Begin Their Awakening Journeys : “Who Am I And Why Am I Here” ~

Once I Recovered My Higher Self Calling And Mission, And Actually Got My Contract Signed On March 7 2017, Then Got A Flash Love Message On My Bedroom Wall The Next Morning – March 8, 2017, From My Divine Counterpart; I Was Unstoppable.



That’s When Mission Uniting Heaven On Earth Was Ignited In The Physical.

Now I Am In The Final Stages Of Exterminating All Intruders, Invasions And Energy Takers From My Divine Mission And Plan.


Going Back To My Fall ~ The Pharisees Have Taken Out All Their Self-Hatred And Wrath About What They Have Done To Awakened Master Jesus .. Onto Me . They Located Me In Spirit Before They Brought Me Here. As I Did Them. I Agreed To All This Before Birth. Little Did I Know How Painful, Atrocious, Detrimental, Derogatory, Dirty, Nasty, Piggly, Criminal, Vicious, Atrocious What They Would Put Me Through Would Be.

I Am Certain I Would Not Agree To This Again If I Am Presented A Second Chance In Another Realm. I Have Taken The Fall Once And For All, For All To Know And See. I Have Served As Humanity’s Scapegoat, Rendered Weak, Diminished, Modified, Altered, And Programmed, Hypnotized, Drugged, Raped, Molested, Abused, Publically, Ritualized, Pronounced Incantations On, Put Spells On, And A Lot More (Food Poisoned, Made Go Through Chambers To Make Grades, Taken My Power Away From Me To Create Alarming And Notoriously Evil “Government Agencies”, Here To Fuck Up Creation And The Children, Creating Monsters Out Of Humans, All To Destroy Me… And A Lot More Too.

I Now For The First Time In 19 Billion Years Am Able To Tap Into All The Pain The Spiritual Healers Had Seen In Me, That I Wasn’t Able Yet To Take Responsibility For And Transmute. They Saw The “Penis” Which I Had No Idea Had Been There; They Saw The Pregnancy (More Than One Being Did And They Kept Removing The Etheric Child Which Actually Only Got Removed Around March 2017; We Found Out The Child Was Baby Faith). They Saw The Multiple Abuse Situation, They Saw The Dark Corridors Of Madness I Was Put Through.

During My Making The Grades, I Did Keep Records Like Pin Down My Monarch Butterfly, My Scorpion.. I Used Crystals Since Birth For All The Work I Did For Humanity. I Used Astral Travel.

They Closed Down And Reversed My Chakras. Had My Third Eye At My Anus Point . The Whole Chi Flow Was Rendered Opposite To Human Life. All To Herald The End Of Times Prophecies.

I Accepted To Give Up My Father Of All Creation Throne, To Be Diminished, So That The Pharisees Get A Kick Of Doing To Me the Same They Did To Jesus. But Reversed. They Performed All Sorts Of Sexual Rituals On Me; Had Me Transmute All Their Sins. Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Children, Babies, Women, Men; They Had Them All Lined Up For Me Since Birth. They Dispersed And Refracted My Power. Then Removed All Traces And Cut Me Dry. Made Me Fem.

I Am Not Sure How I Was Humanely Able To Handle All Of This, Let Alone Live With The Pain, Guilt, Shame And Suffering. And I Am Now Feeling The Same Feelings Of Rejection, Extreme Loathing Put Onto Me, Extreme Injustice, Extreme Betrayal, Extreme Lies, Extreme Atrocities, Extreme Shame; I Am Feeling How Hard It Is For Boys To Grow Into Men. And Being Able To See My Missing Organ In My Etheric Forms And To Feel How That Would Feel Like, Smell Like And be Like. I Am Waking Up to My Divine Masculine Self And I Am Hurt To The Chore. I Am Devastated. I Am Heart-Broken. I Am Unable To Fathom This. I Am Understanding How Scary It Is To Be A Man. Let Alone One Without An Organ. Let Alone One With A Feminine Organ. I Am Having Trouble Merging My Feminine BAck To My Masculine As My Masculine Awakens. My Feminine Was A Construct Of Maya, Illusion. She Was Taught Extremely Well To Hide All Evidence Of The Truth And Act As If She Had Self-Forgotten H . I . M * Self To The Point Of Madness, Rendering All Atoms Mad, Dumb And Surrendered To All Sorts Of Idiot Cuts, Religions, Corporations, Royals, Governments And Lies.

I Wake Up And Attempt To Speak The Words: I Am Father Of All Creation; Just To Break-Down. It IS Quite Disheartening. All The Atoms Around Me That Are In Separation, Speculation, Hatred, Gossip Are Such Jokes Right Now. I Will Hide Forever More Is How I Feel.

It Is The First Time That I Sort Of Like The Teams For Snapping Me Back Into All The Integration I did As A Fem. The Good Thing Is Once I Wake Up I Am Full Fem. Then The codes Of What i Am Working Through Start To Download And I Am Back To Fallen Bottom Of The Abyss. Watching The Pharisees And Torturers Take All The Wrath Of The Book Of Enoch And Book of Revelations On Me.

I Am Grateful I Did That Choice Actually, Viewing The Fact That No Feminine On Earth Would Have Been Chosen As My Beloved Had I Remained Masculine; I’ve Met Them All.

I Don’t Mean This Is A Vile Way, i Am Simply Being Honest Here. I Have Had Trouble Comprehending What In The World Is Wrong With fems Since Birth. Masculines Are Somewhat Easier To Be Chill Around But Still, I Choose Me Over All, All The Time.

I Know.. IT’s About Letting Go And Getting Out Of My Own Way To Then Take On All The Atoms. That’s When My Mission Ignites. Thanks For The Intervention Spirit.

I Had To Finish My Mission Of Integrating My Higher Self Into My Physical Vessel Which Has Been The Most Challenging Part Of All, since Every Part Of My Body Is Coded And Carries Secrets And Unleashes Vibrations And Frequencies For Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora’s Divine Crowning And Victory.

My Heart Is Now Able To Understand The Masculine Pain And Hurt. And I Am Able To Forgive Them. It’s Still Difficult To Not Have My Own Penis, And Have To Accept Someone Else’s As I Strongly Encourage Physical Union Among Twins And Will do The Best I Am Able To To Feel Worthy To Welcome Love Whatsoever, Given The Amount Of Pain I Went Through Courtesy Of Being The Initiator Of The “Modern Day Hot Fem”, And Having Made Amazing “Conquests” And “Strides” And “Victories” In That Realm .

As My Masculine Grows And Restores, I Am Confident He Will Be Able To Re-Operate Aurora Back Into The Light. My Masculine Awakening Doesn’t Exclude Me Being So Much More Feminized By The Moment. It Is Very Weird Really And I Still Feel Too Weak To Go Anywhere Or Do Anything.

Total Isolation Is Best For My Full Integration As It Seems That (And As Per My Dream=Reality Guidance) The Event Is About To Hit The Grids . Meaning Aurora Is About To Show Up As Dima’s Mission Is Full And Complete.

I Am Looking Forward For My New Role In New Creation And To Share My Many Thousand And One Night Tales With All My Beautiful Magical Atoms, As Uriel And I Ride Our Magic Carpet Ride And All The Archangels In Creation Are Stationed In Right Action Performing Their New Roles With Ease And Grace!

I Am Looking Forward To Hearing So Many Good Things That I’ve Been Longing To Hear.