Downloads ~ HIPHIPHIP HOURRAH !^ ^^ :) 11:11

So What The Pharisees Did, Upon Receiving Me On Earth .. After EONS Of Feeling Guilty For What They Did To Sister Jesus, Put All Their Wrath Onto Me, Lucifer.

Have You Read The Stories In Hollywood About Them Having The Illuminati Beings, Raise Then Kill Snakes ? Or How They Twist And Or Burn The Nipples , Sodomize And Much Much More Rituals To Keep The “Satanism” Alive To The “Members” And Create A Whole Bubble As Separate From The Whole, Where ‘Sin’ Is Celebrated, Call It Cultist ..

Have You Read Stories About When They Send Snakes To The Tables Of Selma Hayek While She Has Lunch With Fellow Actresses ? Snakes That Look Straight Into Their Eyes And Have Them Climb Up Chairs And Yell?

This Is What They Do to All My Angels. Including And Beginning With Me. They Have Been Sending Hypnotic Snakes My Way; First Started On Siesta Key, At My Pool . This Black Snake Came From The Grass Right Towards My Chaise Longue Staring Me Straight In The eye. I Stared Right BAck. And It Left. Another Time They Tossed A Poisonous Snake In My Pool. Those With Bells On Their Tails . Then Here On hilton Head Has Been MAJOR … Here They Play HARD . They Even Had Me Meet The Reptile Tamer And Owner On The Island Who Said To Me Last Christmas They Were Importing Special Lizards From Jerusalem. They Placed Three Snakes On My Path Right Before The Mini Hurricane That Preceded Mathew. One Was By My Bike; One At The Gate Staring Right Into My Eyes Immobile). One Huge Brown One By The Yoga School. Then Some Here At This Home, Front Of My First Address, On The Bridges .. Not All Are Special Target, Some Are Just Messengers.

Well As The Pharisees Decided To Separate Sister Jesus And I, First Taking Their Wrath On Sister Jesus,  Then Waiting 19 Billion Years Or As Is Said In the Scriptures, For The “Beast” To Show Up .. And To Place A Spell On Me To “Protect” The Pharisees EGO And Keep The Annuaki’s Plan Active.

So They Set It Up Whereas They “Tested” Me In Chambers With All Kinds Of Creatures From The Underworld : And Of Course Did We Pin Down My  Monarch Butterfly . And My Scorpion . We Used Crystals And In The East We Always Use Holy Incense And Holy Oils And Holy Waters ..

Read Incantations Over Me. Had Me Read Manuscripts Backwards. Set Up A Whole Army Presided By Beings In Brazil (That Are Said To Have Sent An Email To My Address Containing Information About Cancer And A Devil …) And I Actually Married A Cancerian Who Was Called The Anti-Christ For Being An Enlightened Master, Mr. Nobody, Mr. Mg Goo, And One Of The Beings Above Mentioned Is The One Who Was Able To Talk Me Out Of My Marriage And To Take A Plane Back Home.

The Amazing Synchronistic Event Have My Father’s Insurance Company Be Based Here In The British Virgin Islands, Which Is A Spot Almost Every Hilton Header Has Been To; Hence The Bridge Being Established Here .. LOL ~ What Would  The Odds Be, That After David Had Me On With Literally Each State In America Where His “Kids” = Sannyasins Live, And I Tested Each Heart For Hours And Years Until Surrendering To His Hilton Head Family Of Light, Whose Husband Is Israeli And Wife Half Lebanese 😉 Facts I Didn’t Know Until After Moving In ~

The Man Is David’s Keeper And He Always Is The One To Drive David’s Women Out Of David’s Mansions . Except With Me He Had No Idea What He Was Dealing With, Had Me Waitress At His Restaurant To Make Quick Cash And Go Get My Own Life, After He Noticed That His Initial Dream To Have Dave And I And Him And His Wife And Child Get A Great Home on The Island And Live Happily Ever After Wasn’t Gonna Work For Me … As I Still Had To Reclaim My Full Power And Find My Heart And Be Certain Of Who My True Twin Flame Is Before Going Along With Anything Including Power-Over, And Me Being Patronized… That’s Not True Love, Even Though It Was An Incredible Loving Compassionate World Beating Union Which I Am Forever Grateful For…

So i Was Driven To The Airport. Went Back 6 Month Later To Celebrate Both Their Birthdays (Yes, They Both Are Cancerians) Then Fly Back Home After Requesting A Divorce For Having Been Unfaithful As Guided By My Then Feminine Therapist Born On November 30th, Date Of Birth Of Beloved Amy And Anthony, My Brother. Stayed In The Middle East Ten Months And As Always, I Visit Holy Places Often When There And Was Meditating In The Temples That Time.

Showing Up At Holy Grottos at 3:00 A.M After My Then Landlord Who Is My Father’s Business Partner, A Libra, Ask Me To Leave After I Turned his Place Into Aurora’s Church And Ashram As Always!

Home Is Wherever you Place Me. My Root Chakra Was Severely Damaged And It’s As Simple As That For Me ~

Home Is Love. I Send Forth Loving Intentions To Fully Restore And Heal My Shakti, As I Clear All Time-Lines Of “Old-Love” And Welcome In My Fresh New Chapter ! Welcoming In Home Into The Light!

Joy And Abundance And Oneness Unity Consciousness Forgiveness Acceptance True Twin Unions For All! BRING IT ON ANGELS.

In Love And Light Always, Aurora