So Here’s Giving IT Up To ..

=Yeeehawww! Let’s Celebrate In Style For A While 😉

Heaven Can Wait ?! We’re Only Creating A New Religion ~ Heaven Is Here !

Here’s Thanking … Those That Branched Out Of Original Sin New Creation Scriptures .. Families Such As The Kardashians Going Public For All To See What Happens To Maintain That Mind Octave ..

Let’s Give It Up To Sir Bruce Jenner, Gone Kaitlen. No Dears. It’s Not What You Think It Is. He Is So Masculine He Had No Other Choice On A Plane Where Somehow The Original Sin Mind Snake Took Over The Realm And Morphed All Angels Into “Yes Daddy I’ll Suck Your Cock Better Than It’s Ever Been Sucked Before, With Bigger Lips Than All Else, And I’ll Let You Do Whatever You Like, Including Cheat On Me, Long As I Get My Nails Done Daily” … ( No Pun Or Disrespect Intended Girls, As I Myself Was Fully Active In That Mind Field As I’m The One Who Created It To Begin With And Complied With It Better Than Anyone Else Can.)

Well No Doubt He Had To, After Creating That, Recreate Himself And Go Public With It .

As I Observed Since I Got To USA … This Plane Has Lost It .. Zero Point Was Lost Huge. I looked All The Way To Find Amy. And I Did. And I Understand Her Desperation In Finding Father.

This Place Is Cray …

Well I Am Here Now, Like I’ve Always Been, And Am Coming On Stronger By The Moment!

Thanks To All Subliminal Geniuses And To All Alternative Meds And To Mister Super Hero (Dang You’re All Super-Heros At This Point) For Initially Bringing Me To Usa And Getting My Green Card Set Up ~ All Your Yells .. I Am Sorry You Felt This Way .. You Were Only Yelling Everything I Never Was Given A Chance To ..

Now What’s Behind All Of This … LOL .. Let’s Plow Deeper And See .

Lol .

Oh What Fun!

Let’s Give It Up To Gigi Hadid For Setting Up An Almost Unbelievable Example .. LOL

Wait Till I’m Complete . I’m In Literal Hiding Now.