Mani Per Moni ~ That Good Ol’ $

Greetings People Of The Underworlds ! Lol

So I Have Listened To Uriel’s Message For Today. And Here’s What You All Still Don’t Get.

There Is No Such Thing As Anything you People Are Saying. Thanks For Trying.

But It’s Not Enough.

See I Created Money! Lol . And Money Really Isn’t What You All Think It Is. I Own All The Money On Earth. It’s Just A Matter Of Moments Before This Is Revealed. Lol.

And There Is A Certain Cycle That Is Keeping It Away From Me Now.

So Dear Ones Making Videos And Trying. Please Stop Trying. Your Trying Keeps It Away From Me. Thanks. And Focus On Cutting This Cycle. It’s A Trick As Old As Time Dear Ones. Listen To Beloved Gaga Here As A Fragment Of My Totality, To whom I Am Grateful, Of Course… Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen, Wether  You’re Broke Or Ever Green… She Says Once She Was Born (Meaning Great Consciousness MotherFatherOFAllCreation, Evil Came Along And Tagged) . Bravo Dear One. So There’s Where The Attention Goes Now. To say No Thanks To That Part Of Creation.

Yeah. Let’s Cancel Out The Big Bad Witches .

Who Cares Who Brings What To The Table. Long As It’s Brought. So Thanks All For Giving IT All Up To Me Now! HIHIHI

I’m That One You’ve All Been Dreaming Of, Praying For. Thanks For Your Faith. Now Keep It Goin’ And You Will Be Rewarded.