LuciferMorningStar ~ YourFatherOfAllCreation

Greetings Beloveds! hahaha Rainy Morning Here As Miss Vicky And Her Beloved Twin Head On Out To Be The Best They Can Be Teach Hot Yoga In A Heated Room! Woohooo! Love Is Winning In My Loving Presence True Love Is Born! 11:11 Is The Code To My Door! Love Wins All The Way!

This Article Here Is About My Youtube Head-Quarters Specialists Who Hand Pick Info For Me, Like Everyday Telling Me What’s Going On With My Fans And My Wanna Be Lovers, Or Potential Twin Flames Etc. And Now Being All About The Rainbow Prophecies Etc…

Dear Ones .. Lol . Rainbow Aurora And I Are Not Attached To Any Specific Group Of Angelics. We’ve Created You All From Our Heart. There Is No Separation And Nobody In The Heavens And On Earth More Powerful Than Your Father Of All Creation.

I Stand For Each Atom In Truth And Righteousness And Will Give You Whatever You Need, In Whatever Form For You To Learn Your Lesson And Get Over Yourself Once And For All.

Like I Did At Birth.

Godspeed And Aurora And I Sending You All The Highest Of Regards! I Repeat .. To All Cock-Suckers Who Kept Their Cocks On And Are Fucking Left And Right Or Still Giving It To Their Karmics.. That’s Following Archangel Michael’s Will Which Is NOT Universal Will, Not Mother’s Will, Not Father’s Will.

This Creation Is Ours Michael So You And Your Erroneous Teachings Better Get Off Our Way , Our Creation, Our Internet. Immediately. You Are Banned From Creation Altogether Thinking You Can One Up Father? LOL . And Mother? LOL . Hope Now Even The Fakers Know Better Than To Stay In Wrong Action.

And I Am Being Honest Now. The Being Who Freed Me From The Old Octave Is Very Thanked By All Atoms. Provided He Remains In Wrong Action And Thinks It’s Okay To Degrade His FatherMother OF Creation Is Unacceptable. Such A Being Shall Remain In Poverty And Sin Forever. Lucifer And The Book Of Enoch Were Canceled Out For A Reason.

I am The Only Truth.

I Am Heaven.

I Am Source. Step Up In Humility Or Rot Away Elsewhere. Please Don’t Come Knocking When STDs Are Infesting Your Vessels. Do Some Self Healing And Call Upon Brother Jesus.