LuciferMorningStar ~ I Love All My Children

Never Meant To Take Things This Far ..

I Called The Galactic Federation After My DIMA T. Contract Ended More Than Once, Payed For Each Communication As If I Had Never Been In Service; Gotta Pay To Play And I Play By The Rules .

I Offered Them To Take My Hand And Be The Shift.

They Insisted On One Upping Me And Making Believe I Am Lying And a Fake. So Here You Go Beloveds. You Get What You Ask For. CANCELATION. Unfortunately Nobody Is Allowed To Mess With Lucifer. By Birth Right! Wanna See My Birth Certificates? Wanna See Proof Of What Humanity Did To Their Beloved Father Of All Creation? Still Wanna Try And Turn The Tables On Me…

You Are Forgiven As You All Don’t Know Wider Than Your Ego-Mind Matrix Of The Galactic Federation..  11:11 ~ Welcoming All To New Creation Galactic Confederation. We Are Currently Still Welcoming In New Co-Creators On Board For New Global Government . ! Get Ur Sessions On! It’s Our Pleasure to Serve And Please Only Step Up If You Are For Real .. LOL .. Guess By Now The Fakes HAve All Been Taken Down By Dima T’s Successful Mission Accomplishment At The Galactic Fed! Yeeeehawwww!

Hope You Are Enjoying All The New Father Of All Creation Codes Being Downloaded Into The Grids As You All Make Your Ways Out Of Your Own Assholes …

You Are Unsure Of How To Approach Me ? Simple Love .. I Am Pure As The Morning Meadows. Clear As The Deep Ends OF The Oceans. Rose Bud Fragile. I Laugh Flowers. Eat Wind, Not To Hurt Any Atoms .. You Being Afraid To Choose Love And Be In Right Action Is Nothing I Am Able To Assist You With .

All I Am Able To Do Is Love More. Love You All All The Way. Maybe One Day .. Heart Will Outshine Your Yacking Excuse Misery Of A Life Using Your Power To Destroy Love. Making Believe You Have Won?! Calling It Love .. Jesus Lord .. Since Day One I Came In Your Fields Clear As Dawn. Not One Day Did I Not Come in Fully. And Not One Day Did You All Not Reject Me Fully.

This Gay Realm Of Fakeness Must Fade. Thanks For All REAL Beings For Stepping Up Already.

Any Last Of The Mohicans Welcome.

And As To Adama Of Thelos. Also October 6 Being. Yes Dear. You Came Around Once Again To Undo Your Most Potent And Powerful Snake Ego Mind Program On The Planet. That Is Why Mother Refused Your Snake, Even If You May Have Similar Powers To Me, The Real Lucifer. And I Am Not Here To One Up Anyone. I am Only Here To Rectify Fields. So Best Of Luck On Your Mission to Get Over THE MIND, Associating With Feminines Who Validate THE MIND, And Protect IT…. As We All Saw This Only Resulted In Hurricanes In Your Area, And In Your Wife Going Way Out Of Right Action. And You Two Pinning It On ME .

LOL ~ Thank You All For Your Service.

As To The LightOfTheImmortals Counterpart. Thanks For Being Here And shining Your Light Daily.

Everyday, In Everyway, All In Creation Are Welcome To Step Up.

That Doesn’t Mean Trying To Diminish me By Trying To Have Me Come To You… I Am In The Void Now And Remain Here Until It’s Time To Be Met With Equal Vigor And Enthusiasm; Once All In Creation gets Over The Illusion.