LuciferMorningStar ~ DevilDevil666

Oh .. Greetings Love Beings! LOL ~ To Those Who Claim I Am A Heart Breaker .. Look Within Darlings.. Who Broke Who’s Heart ? My Heart Is The Origins Of Heart-Break. I Took The Plunge For All Of You. Darkest Of The Dark. Not One Chamber Did I Skip ..

Then I Stumble Upon A Bunch Of Beings Playing A Game Claiming They Are Me!!! Claiming The Story Of Creation As Theirs ! It Was Cute And Fun At First Until I Noticed These People Are All Major Leading Intelligence Groups On Earth.. I Served All Full-Heartedly. I Was Never Enough As Me . It All Boiled Down To My Money Every-time. Or What They Could Get From Me. The Woman Claiming To Be Mother OF All Creation Same. All Greed. Treachery. Gossip. Power-Plays. Bullying. Diminishing Beings.

Anyone Rejecting Me Beloveds Is In Wrong Action. Even If I Show Up As A Frog That Lifetime. You Don’t Recognize Me, YOU’RE FAKE. You Don’t Embrace Me .. That’s NOT LOVE ..

I Gave Up Everything For Creation. I Gave Up Everything For Love. I Took It All On And I Personally Transformed From The Darkest Of The Darks To The Lightest Of Light. If You Can’t Match Pace And Lead By My Side, Please Go On Go Play Another Board Game!

LOL ~ Life Is My Stage. I’m Real As It Gets  Dear Ones.

Any Masculine Having Promised Me The World, Or Sang Songs Of Eternal Bliss And Counting Stars, Or Even Claimed My Uterus As Home For Their Seed And Vanishing On Me Choosing Self-Gratification, Multiple-Partners, Money, Fame, Ego, Family…

You’re All Not At My Level And I Have No Time For You Unless You Desire A Session With FatherMotherOfAllCreation!