Love Is Here ~ Burnin Brighter Than Ever

How To Merge Within … Is A joke! Lol ! Wouldn’t Wish this On Anyone ..

I Will Do It . I Am Grateful Cos They Make Incredible Vibrators. Grateful For All Atoms In Creation Minding Their Own Business .

If I Am Meant To Remain On My Own, I Can HAndle IT ! Hardest Part Of The Job Is Over … If You Only Knew How Much Practice It Took To Self-Create . Re-Create . Self-Destroy. Re-Create . Funny How It Boils Down To It’s All Me ! Sorry If I Broke Hearts Or Drove Beings Away, Made Them Doubt Themselves. Maybe Cut Chords With Me Universal! And Be Free! It’s All Ok! They Want Me Alone?! So Be It ~ Merry Christmas To All ! I Be Keepin’ It goin’ Here For Creation! We Light Candles, Multi-colored, Diffuse Essential Oils, Keep It Really High Vibing, Highest Binaural Tunes For Unified Field ~

Some Creeper Just Liked An Old Post Of Mine Regarding Love Being Gone. So Anything Besides Divine Will For All IS Now Rebuked From Creation! LOL And Lots Of Love!

If Me Being With Any Specific Being IS Hurting Others, And If No One IS Here Fighting For My Love, Know All Is Well And The Event Is Happening Either Way. Some Fems Are Weaker Than Me And May Need You More. No Big Deal.