Joke’s On You!

Did You Know?

Your Handlers, All Those Who Train You To Make Millions Out OF Certain Messages We Spread? Yeh . We Own Them. We Created Everything You All Tell The People To Undo What We Initially Did. That’s Where Lucifer’s Genius Comes In. And That’s How He’s Giving IT All To Aurora . He’s Pulled The Plug Already. Years Ago.

He Thanks All His Allies ! SHAZAM .

I Love IT ! Don’t You ? LOL . YOU WHO ???

I Am All There Is ? Mother’s Dream. YEh . I Created That Too. I Created All You Figments Of My Imagination. Wild Really. I’m So Hot Right Now.

Gonna Collect All My 19 Billion Years Hard Work. Right About Soon It Seems.

This Ain’t Family Inheritance Matters Dear Ones. LOL . Do You Get It YEt ?

IT’s Taken Me A Long Time .. They Warned Me Though, USA Was A Trip, A Bubble Cloud. Welcome To America! Yeeehaww There We Come! GReat Spirit Has Me Transform Into Hatsune Miku . Just For Fun. And Get Pink Eyes . Or Changing Eyes. Like Rainbow Eyes. Depending On My Mood.

Watch Marvels Unravel !

At Hour Zero Ve Shall See Vats Up !