AWOL ~ Food Is Love

This Is How We Do .. Aurora’s Secret Garden Of Diamond Heated Lava Hot Love That Flows Through Your Body .. Passions That Quicken Your Senses, Fulfill, Quench The Thirst!

Turmeric, Cardamon, All-Spice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Ground Ginger, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper (Sneeze On The Truth) … Bay Leaves ..

Arouse The Flames Of Life! Sweetheart Kiss Me!

Dash Of Celtic Sea Salt .

We Stay 80% Raw & Vegan ~ 10% Cooked ( Grains, Quinoa, Beans ..) And Another Eclectic 10%; A Margin For Play Within Moderation.

Rose Buds, Slowly Woken .. Break Budding Open, Delicate, Sweet.

Always Using All Organic Items . Supplements As Needed And To Maintain . Super Foods As Staples: Kelp, Sea-Weed, Chlorella, Spirulina, Cacao Powder, Maca Powder, Hemp Seed Powders, Rice Or Pea Also For Protein (No To Whey .. First It’s Animal Second It’s Way Too Heavy ..)

So On Soft Finger Tips, Shivering Up Your Spine, Red Pulsing Blood, In Lightening Speed Through your Pure Body’s Lips.

Oh We Certainly Don’t Do Cow Milk .. Substitute with Coconut, Almond, Rice, Hazelnut Milks (NO SOY)

Caressing Deep, Searching Way Out Of Sight!

Corn Crops Are Highly Infested So Watch Out For Non-Organic Corn .. First In Line To Be Burnt .. Hello Monsanto , Call Me Fellas . I Love You So .

Oh Beautiful Spirit Of God’s Eternal Spring, Heat Of Passion, In A Warm MoonLit Night, Ecstasy To Be Celebrated In Heaven, Within!

On The Veggie List, We Always Have Green Leaves In All Salads And Include All Rainbow Colors: Yellow Squash, Multi-Colored Peppers (Always Higher In Nutrition Than Green), Broccoli, Sprouts  (Super Watch Expiry For Salmonella), Cauliflower, And Don’t Forget Your Root Veggies: Beet Roots, Potatoes, Carrot, Ginger, Turnip, Rutabaga ..

What Cunning Feminine Touch Can Draw New Desire To Pulsing Lips?

Fruits: ALL ~

Absolute Cleanliness Is Godliness ..

Grains !! Avoid Wheat! No Soy .. Nothing Processed. As Pure As Possible.

Herbs : ALL 09:09

Oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil Always, Avocado (NO CANOLA! NOTHIN GMO!) .. Get Your Sessions On For Season Special Essential Oils!

Apple Cider Vinegar! Cures All Yeast Infections! Super Essential ! Drink On Empty Stomach!

All Nuts And Dried Fruit (In Moderation)

As For Your Supplements: CoQ10 For Heart Health Once A year, Reservatrol; B12, Colloidal Silver And Gold; Some Fulvic Acids To Add To Your Filtered Water.

Daily Smoothies, Teas, Juiced Up Veggies, Fresh Wheat-Grass Shots, Ginger Shots, Turmeric Shots !

We Favor Plain Celery Juice For Those Who Are Having Trouble Sleeping Due To Ascension Symptoms.

Daily salad. And Always Make Your Soups Super Savory (Get Creative, Please Follow Heart Drop The Recipe! End It In A Blender .. Delish!) !

We Love Raw Pasta In Heaven, Always. Also All Gluten Free Kinds, Organic With Those Best Organic Sauces As Bases, Adding On Our Fresh Cornucopia .. It’s Heaven Express 24 ..

We’ve Stopped Coffee For A Moment Here, Although We Love Our Coffee Dark And Rich . Always The Best ~

When We Do Do Meats, We Lovem Raw, Rare, To  Medium-Rare As We Always Get The Highest Grades;

We Love Our Organic Beers And Sulfites Free Organic Wines ~ Dark Choc And This Year We’ve Been Big On Everything Vanilla !

We Are Happy Angels When Our Dildos Are Inside Us So Long We End Up Smelling Like Mattel! Yum!

Hey Skipper, Seen Ken Lately 😉